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psychology | Sep 10th, 2019

Behavioral Researcher Katherine Milkman Returns for a Fourth Season of her Choiceology Podcast

How can we learn to make smarter choices? In Choiceology with Katy Milkman, the Wharton Professor shares stories of irrational decision-making—from massive historical gaffes to small, everyday errors—and explains how we can do better.   The first episode of Choiceology’s fourth season explores a... Continue Reading →
psychology | Sep 3rd, 2019

Anecdotes Aren’t Data: Psychologist Steven Pinker Calls for a Stronger Delineation Between Facts and Feelings

What is the one thing wrong with the world that you would change, and why? It’s a question posed by Harvard University to its faculty, in a new ongoing series. In it, professor Steven Pinker shares his desire to temper our cognitive biases with hard facts.   A president riling up citizens over... Continue Reading →
psychology | Aug 28th, 2019

Jelani Cobb to be Featured in Upcoming Spielberg-produced Documentary Series for Discovery

Executive produced by Steven Spielberg and Alex Gibney, the Discovery Channel’s new documentary series, Why We Hate explores one of humanity’s most potent, primal and persistent emotions—hate. Why We Hate is a thoughtful inquiry into a difficult subject, and directors Geeta Gandbhir and Sam... Continue Reading →
psychology | Aug 28th, 2019

How Does Journalism Shape Our Pessimistic Outlook? Steven Pinker for ABC Radio

Why do we tend to look at the past through rose-colored glasses, but not the future? Psychology Professor and bestselling author Steven Pinker appeared on ABC Radio to discuss how the negative nature of today’s news media fuels our pessimistic attitudes.  “Journalism is driven by events. Events... Continue Reading →
psychology | Aug 23rd, 2019

Caring About Tomorrow: Psychologist Jamil Zaki Explains the Barriers to Changing Behavior

Climate change is a phenomenon that 70 percent of Americans believe is happening, and one they understand to be harmful to future generations. Reversing its effects is possible if we drastically change our consumption habits and behavior—so why haven’t we done so? Stanford psychologist Jamil Zaki... Continue Reading →
psychology | Aug 22nd, 2019

When Should We Use Our Grit? Psychologist and Bestselling Author Angela Duckworth Explains.

Renowned psychologist Angela Duckworth joins Reshma Saujani, the founder of Girls Who Code, for an enlightening conversation about grit, bravery, and challenging yourself outside of your comfort zone.  How do you get better at things you’re not comfortable doing? Host Reshma Saujani is... Continue Reading →
psychology | Aug 14th, 2019

How Does Instagram Affect Our Shopping Habits? Psychology Professor Adam Alter Explores for The Cut

Once a lifestyle app featuring beautifully curated images, Instagram has become the newest, easiest shopping destination. In a new article on The Cut, psychologist and bestselling author Adam Alter explains why we’re so addicted, and how we can manage our symptoms in a digital world of access and... Continue Reading →
psychology | Aug 14th, 2019

Learn from the Best: Daniel Lerner Joins Outlier, an Online Education Platform from the MasterClass Creators

MasterClass brought us online classes taught by some of the world’s greatest minds. Now, Outlier brings us University-level courses from some of the world’s best educators. Daniel Lerner, a mastermind of positive psychology, joins the platform that’s changing the future of higher education.  The... Continue Reading →
psychology | Aug 7th, 2019

New Yorker Writer Maria Konnikova Dives into the Psychology of the Con for NPR

In her New York Times bestselling book The Confidence Game, Maria Konnikova investigates the mind, methods, and motives of con artists. A newfound expert on the topic, Konnikova analyses real-live cons in the latest episode of NPR’s Rough Translation.  When she began writing The Confidence Game,... Continue Reading →
psychology | Jul 9th, 2019

Jamil Zaki Awarded PECASE: the Highest Honor Bestowed by the US Government to Scientists

Established in 1996, the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE) acknowledges outstanding contributions in STEM education and community service. This year, Associate Professor of Psychology at Stanford University Jamil Zaki received the prestigious award. Much of... Continue Reading →
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