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psychology | Apr 8th, 2020

Discovering the New Science of Self-Actualization: Scott Barry Kaufman Releases His New Book Transcend

Humanistic psychologist Scott Barry Kaufman wants to know: what are the scientific factors that lead us to creativity, growth, peak experiences, and deep fulfilment? His ongoing quest to discover the depths of human potential have culminated in his new book, Transcend: The New Science of... Continue Reading →
psychology | Feb 19th, 2020

Psychologist Scott Barry Kaufman Interviews Bestselling Author Lori Gottlieb on Common Myths of Therapy

Psychotherapist Lori Gottlieb made waves when she released Maybe You Should Talk to Someone, a poignant memoir that’s spent week after week on the bestseller lists. Now, she joins fellow Lavin Speaker Scott Barry Kaufman on The Psychology Podcast to discuss the book, some misconceptions about... Continue Reading →
psychology | Feb 5th, 2020

Scott Barry Kaufman Explores Why More Men Don’t Choose Caregiving Professions—and Why We Should Care— for Scientific American

As a society, we talk a lot about gender inequality in the workplace—especially when it comes to women being underrepresented in STEM fields and leadership positions. Yet we rarely ever discuss the lack of men in caregiving occupations. Why aren’t more people concerned about this imbalance? Scott... Continue Reading →
psychology | Feb 5th, 2020

Do Politics Make Us Irrational? NYU’s Jay Van Bavel Illustrates the Effects of Partisanship for TED-Ed

Can someone’s political identity influence their ability to process information? It appears so. In the cognitive phenomenon known as partisanship, identification with a social group becomes so important, it can override reality.  Psychology professor Jay Van Bavel shares strategies to combat this... Continue Reading →
psychology | Jan 20th, 2020

Stanford Psychologist Jamil Zaki Explores the Intersection of Empathy and Tech, on NPR

There are millions of people who want to interact with others in a more productive way online—but how can we empower them to do so? Jamil Zaki, author of The War for Kindness talks to NPR’s Here  & Now about technology and empathy, and how to intertwine them, to make a better, and more human,... Continue Reading →
psychology | Jan 13th, 2020

Why Are Older Women Choosing to Live Alone? Psychologist Susan Pinker Explores for CBC

In her book The Village Effect, award-winning author and psychologist Susan Pinker wrote about the undeniable, life-affirming benefits of social bonds and face-to-face connection. More recently, she spoke to CBC about why an increasing number of seniors—particularly women— are enjoying living alone... Continue Reading →
psychology | Jan 8th, 2020

Inside the Therapist’s Mind: Lori Gottlieb Sits Down with Wal-Mart to Discuss Her Book, Podcast, and Soon-to-Be TV Series

Lori Gottlieb’s critically acclaimed memoir Maybe You Should Talk to Someone is Wal-Mart’s favorite read this month. The psychotherapist and bestselling author sat down with the company to discuss why the book has struck a chord with so many, and what else we can expect from her in 2020.   In... Continue Reading →
psychology | Jan 6th, 2020

The “Fresh Start” Effect: Scientist Katherine Milkman Reveals How to Maintain Our Positive Habits in 2020

Whether it’s a new season, new year, or new decade, research shows that we’re drawn to moments that offer us a “fresh start.” Unfortunately, this sense of optimism and spirit of renewal tends to fade over time. How can we maintain our energy for developing new, positive habits well into 2020? Yale... Continue Reading →
psychology | Dec 11th, 2019

Should Progressives Invoke Conservative Values? Sociologist Robb Willer Weighs In for The New York Times

In a recent op-ed for The New York Times, Standford’s Robb Willer and Jan Voelkel explore their thought-provoking research on how reaching across party lines can lead to considerable conservative support for progressive parties—without losing ground among their base. Where should a Democratic... Continue Reading →
psychology | Dec 2nd, 2019

Empathy Expert Jamil Zaki Shares Techniques for Nurturing Kindness in Washington Post Profile

In these divided times, it can often seem like empathy is difficult, if not downright impossible to find. But for Jamil Zaki, the Director of the Stanford Social Neuroscience Lab, we have a unique opportunity these days to strengthen our ability to relate to and care for one another—maybe even more... Continue Reading →
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