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politics & society | Jul 9th, 2019

Is the European Left in Trouble? Lavin Speaker Yascha Mounk Explores for The Atlantic

A few short years ago, the radical left was poised for a European take-over; today, the once-shining leftist leaders have barely made a mark on the government. Yascha Mounk considers why the resurgent movement never took off for The Atlantic.  The European Left has been traditionally controlled by... Continue Reading →
politics & society | Jun 28th, 2019

Political Debate or Political Circus? Lavin Speaker Matt Taibbi Explores the Media's Influence on the Democratic Debates

As the democratic debates kick off, Contributing Editor at Rolling Stone Matt Taibbi joins broadcast journalist Warren Olney on KCRW to discuss how the rise of social media has dramatically altered America’s political landscape.   The democratic debates take part in two two-hour sessions, each... Continue Reading →
politics & society | Jun 26th, 2019

The Rise and Fall of Civilizations: Sam Harris Sits down with Jared Diamond for Making Sense Podcast

Public intellectual and international best-selling author Sam Harris is well-versed on issues ranging from moral philosophy and religion, to neuroscience and human reasoning. In the latest episode of his wildly popular Making Sense podcast he interviews inimitable historian Jared Diamond on his new... Continue Reading →
politics & society | Jun 24th, 2019

Are We Living in 1984? George Packer Revisits Orwell’s Dystopian Novel for The Atlantic

1984—George Orwell’s seminal work—has enjoyed a cultural resurgence in the wake of Donald Trump’s presidency. Now, award-winning journalist and author George Packer unpacks the novel’s newfound relevance for The Atlantic. “Orwell never intended his novel to be a prediction, only a warning,” George... Continue Reading →
politics & society | Jun 20th, 2019

Emily Bazelon’s Charged: Crucial Book to Understanding Hit Netflix Series When They See Us

Netflix’s new series When They See Us tells the story of the Central Park 5: the five teenagers who were wrongfully imprisoned for the violent rape of a female jogger in 1989. Following its release, The New York Times has chosen Emily Bazelon’s Charged as one of six must-read books to help viewers... Continue Reading →
politics & society | Jun 19th, 2019

Emily Bazelon’s New York Times Magazine Cover Story: Elizabeth Warren is Serious About Change—and Presidency.

The 2020 Presidential Race is densely packed with contenders. Journalist and Lavin Speaker Emily Bazelon explores the legitimacy of one of the Democratic Party’s most visible candidates—Elizabeth Warren—in her cover story for the New York Times Magazine. Who can beat Donald Trump in 2020? That is... Continue Reading →
politics & society | Jun 13th, 2019

Is Nationalism Ever a Force for Good? Jared Diamond Weighs In for Big Think

In today’s political climate, nationalism tends to carry negative connotations. But in the latest video from Big Think, historian, geographer, and bestselling author JARED DIAMOND explores how—much like self-confidence for the individual—nationalism is something that countries should have, in... Continue Reading →
politics & society | May 22nd, 2019

Bill Gates Counts Lavin Speaker Jared Diamond’s Upheaval as One of His Must-Reads of the Summer

Bill Gates is a software mogul, a billionaire philanthropist, and an avid reader—reporting he reads at least one book per week (or 50 titles per year). As a result, he’s emerged as a trusted authority on book recommendations. This year, he’s chosen Lavin Speaker Jared Diamond’s new book Upheaval as... Continue Reading →
politics & society | Jan 29th, 2019

Early Reviews for Ashton Applewhite’s This Chair Rocks: “An Essential Tool for Healthy and Happy Aging.”

Ageism is the last acceptable “ism” says Ashton Applewhite, author of This Chair Rocks—the powerful anti-ageism manifesto that Publishers Weekly called “a valuable resource, an agent for social change, and an enjoyable read.”    Booklist calls it “a fierce and funny yet practical and thoughtful... Continue Reading →
politics & society | Jan 22nd, 2019

“Provocative, Exciting, Important.” Team Human, Out Today, is Douglas Rushkoff’s Most Crucial Call to Action.

Do you want to try to earn enough money to insulate yourself from the world? Or do you want to make the world a place you don’t have to insulate yourself from? World-renowned media theorist Douglas Rushkoff has written his most important book yet: a crucial rallying cry to resist the technologies,... Continue Reading →
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