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politics & society | Oct 5th, 2021

Pulitzer Prize-winning Journalist Andrea Elliott Tells a Riveting Story of an Unequal America in Invisible Child

An investigative reporter for The New York Times, Andrea Elliott chronicles the life of a young girl facing poverty, homelessness, and racism in this astonishing and unforgettable book. Based on ten years of in-depth reporting, Invisible Child illuminates critical issues in America today,... Continue Reading →
politics & society | Aug 6th, 2021

Eyal Press Explores Essential Jobs and the Hidden Toll of Inequality in America

Before the COVID-19 pandemic drew attention to essential workers and our utter dependence on them, there were countless ethically troubling jobs being performed out of sight. Imprisoning criminals. Slaughtering animals. Fighting wars. In his masterful new book Dirty Work, Eyal Press explores jobs... Continue Reading →
politics & society | Jun 10th, 2021

George Packer Examines Modern America in Last Best Hope: America in Crisis and Renewal

2020 was a year of confusion for America, but ultimately clarity—further exposing the nation’s blatant inequalities and deepening societal rifts. The year left Americans across the country in despair about what was next for their country and its democratic ideals. In his new book Last Best Hope,... Continue Reading →
politics & society | Feb 4th, 2021

Epidemiologist Abdul El-Sayed Makes the Case for Universal Healthcare in His New Book

The coronavirus pandemic revealed glaring inequities in the American healthcare system, as well as an urgent need for reform. However, despite the tragic toll of lives lost to the virus, healthcare reform remains a politically vexing issue. In his new book Medicare For All, epidemiologist and... Continue Reading →
politics & society | Jan 25th, 2021

The Inauguration and the Future of America

Now that the election cycle is complete, the peaceful transfer of power came to pass, and President Biden settles into his role as commander-in-chief, what happens next? And what can we expect from this new administration? These Lavin Speakers help us make sense of today’s most vital political news... Continue Reading →
politics & society | Nov 19th, 2020

The Election, its Aftermath, and the Future of America

Everything about this election—from the global pandemic ravaging the nation, to the president’s claims of voter fraud—has been unusual, to say the least. And though the peaceful transfer of power will begin, Trump continues to contest his defeat and several lawsuits remain in motion. What happens... Continue Reading →
politics & society | Nov 17th, 2020

Reckoning with White Supremacy: Introducing New Speaker Kathleen Belew

The Lavin Agency is proud to announce its new speaker and white supremacy historian, Kathleen Belew. Author of Bring the War Home, Kathleen shows us that with a sustained attention to the white supremacist violence of our past, we can avoid future terrorist attacks designed to undermine American... Continue Reading →
politics & society | Oct 28th, 2020

Lavin Speaker Round-Up: Decoding the Most Important Election of Our Lifetime

This year has been an unforgettable one, to say the least. Marked by a global pandemic, a worldwide call for racial justice, and the worst economic recession we’ve seen since the Great Depression, 2020 also happens to fall on an election year. Soon, we will decide on the next President of the... Continue Reading →
politics & society | Mar 27th, 2020

In Healing Politics, Epidemiologist Abdul El-Sayed Diagnoses the Political Epidemic that Led to the Pandemic

The coronavirus has left a trail of devastation in its wake. If anything, the virus has exposed how critically vulnerable and unprepared American society was for a crisis of this magnitude. In his book Healing Politics, ABDUL EL-SAYED lays out the progressive path we’ll need to rebuild an America... Continue Reading →
politics & society | Mar 23rd, 2020

Political Polarization During a Pandemic Will Be Deadly: Jay Van Bavel for The Washington Post

Jay Van Bavel is a professor of Psychology and Neural Science at New York University. He speaks frequently about political polarization and ‘the partisan brain,’ exploring why so many people are willing to put party over policy, and oftentimes, even over truth. In his latest for The Washington Post... Continue Reading →
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