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open data | Jul 13th, 2017

“Data isn’t passive”: Artist Jer Thorp Uses Raw Data to Tell Human Stories

With the Office of Creative Research, data artist Jer Thorp and his team sought to “physically bring data into public space.” One of their final projects was We Were Strangers Once Too, a massive data sculpture that highlighted New York City’s rich history of immigration, installed just as... Continue Reading →
open data | May 28th, 2013

New Open Data Policies Make Government More Accountable: David Eaves

As a prominent voice on the open data movement, David Eaves recently weighed in on the efforts of Canadian and American government agencies to make information more publicly accessible. Earlier this month, President Obama issued an executive order designed to make government data more transparent.... Continue Reading →
open data | Apr 7th, 2013

David Eaves: Leadership, Not Laws, Is Key To Promoting Open Government

"If for no other reason than self-interested policy and political survival," open data speaker David Eaves writes in The Toronto Star, "our political leaders—across the spectrum but in government in particular—need to think not only about rules that will foster a more open and accountable government... Continue Reading →
open data | Feb 14th, 2013

Exploring The White House's Servers: Open Data Speaker David Eaves

It seems that open data speaker David Eaves isn't the only one advocating for an extensive open data movement. For the third year in a row, 90 different cities around the world will be taking part in the International Open Data Day. Even The White House will be involved! The event will take place on... Continue Reading →
open data | Jan 7th, 2013

David Eaves: Attaining Transparency Doesn't Mean Trampling Privacy

David Eaves is a leader in the "open movement", but as he explains in his latest blog post, there's a fine line that exists between transparency and a breach of privacy. "There is lots of information governments collect about people—the vast majority of which is not, and should not be available," he... Continue Reading →
open data | Nov 19th, 2012

David Eaves On Open Data: We're On The Right Track, But Must Do More

21st century problems are best combated using 21st century technology, according to David Eaves, a Vancouver-based public policy expert. The open data movement—where information is transparent and shared openly—can help stop problems before they start by increasing credibility and promoting trust... Continue Reading →
open data | Nov 12th, 2012

David Eaves Delivers "High Calibre" Keynote On Open Data

David Eaves recently spoke at the Government of Alberta's 2012 Policy Matters Conference, where his insightful and informative keynote was very well-received. As an expert on the open data movement, Eaves spoke about how open data can change both processes and policy, and how open innovation is... Continue Reading →