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new speakers | Aug 16th, 2015

Beyond Bitcoin 101: New Speaker Michael Casey’s The Age of Cryptocurrency

In The Age of Cryptocurrency: How Bitcoin and Digital Money Are Challenging the Global Economic Order, new Lavin speaker Michael Casey gives bitcoin—a buzzword, headline, and wildly divisive topic—a rare form of clarity. Along with co-author Paul Vigna, Casey—Senior Advisor to the Digital Currency... Continue Reading →
new speakers | Sep 5th, 2013

How to Choose the Best Speakers Bureau: David Lavin Shares His Insight

If you're a keynote speaker looking for representation, how do you choose the best speakers bureau? What questions do you need to ask to determine if an agency truly is the best fit for you? The Lavin Agency has developed a short video to help you make that important decision. In the video, our... Continue Reading →
new speakers | Jul 24th, 2013

Review: The Unwinding By George Packer Is The "Defining Book Of Our Time"

America is coming undone. So says new Lavin speaker George Packer, in his essential New York Times bestseller The Unwinding: An Inner History of the New America. Weaving together the harrowing stories of real Americans—a factory worker, a Washington insider, and a Silicon Valley billionaire, among... Continue Reading →
new speakers | Apr 3rd, 2013

Emily Bazelon, A Speaker on Bullying, Extolls the Virtues of Empathy

While it's commonly said that 'sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me,' our new speaker Emily Bazelon begs to differ. A speaker on bullying, with a new book titled Sticks and Stones (playing off the popular saying, check out the book trailer here), Bazelon has become a... Continue Reading →
new speakers | Apr 3rd, 2013

Maria Konnikova: Unclutter Your Brain Like Mastermind Sherlock Holmes

"It's important to remember that Holmes wasn't born Holmes," science speaker Maria Konnikova reminds us. "He learned, over time, to think like Sherlock Holmes." That means that we all have the potential to learn his astute powers of observation, as Konnikova argues that the famous sleuth's intuition... Continue Reading →
new speakers | Mar 31st, 2013

Mastermind: Maria Konnikova on How to Think Like Sherlock Holmes

Is it possible to think like the world's most famous fictional sleuth? Yes, says The Lavin Agency's newest speaker Maria Konnikova. The psychology speaker and author of Mastermind: How to Think Like Sherlock Holmes has spent years researching the literary works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and has... Continue Reading →
new speakers | Jan 9th, 2013

Braving The Elements: George Kourounis On How To Weather Any Storm

Most people run from extreme weather. George Kourounis, on the other hand, is constantly putting himself in the storm's path—intentionally. One of the world's most active storm chasers, and our newest speaker, Kourounis is the first person to have filmed inside of three of the most fierce natural... Continue Reading →
new speakers | Dec 20th, 2012

Eyal Press: Why Some People"Break Ranks" For The Greater Good

What happens when your moral stance clashes drastically with the norm? Who are the people that "break ranks" to follow their conscience—and disobey authority in the process? Eyal Press, our newest exclusive speaker, is seeking out answers to these probing questions. In his newest book, Beautiful... Continue Reading →
new speakers | Dec 10th, 2012

The Do-It-Yourself Life: Molly Crabapple's Creative Approach To The World

Molly Crabapple—a new Lavin exclusive speaker—is an artist whose work has appeared on CNN, in Vice magazine (for whom she covered the Spanish General Strike), and in the collections of esteemed museums worldwide. The New York Times calls her a “downtown phenomenon,” and she was one of the main... Continue Reading →
new speakers | Nov 20th, 2012

Adam Alter: Small Environmental Cues Can Change How We Behave

The Lavin Agency is pleased to welcome our new exclusive speaker, Adam Alter. At NYU’s Psychology Department and Stern School of Business, Alter researches how external influences—such as the weather, geography, colors and location—have a deep impact on our consciousness. His forthcoming book, Drunk... Continue Reading →