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digital and social media | Jun 6th, 2016

The Internet as Art: Virginia Heffernan’s Magic and Loss Now Available

It’s launch day! Virginia Heffernan’s much-anticipated Magic and Loss is now available. Called “a thoroughly engrossing examination of the Internet’s past, present, and future” (Kirkus) and “a brilliant book” by Mark Edmundson, Magic and Loss examines and celebrates the Internet as a “massive and... Continue Reading →
digital and social media | May 15th, 2016

New Videos: Shlomo Benartzi Redefines the Screen

As screen time gradually overtakes face time, how are our brains adapting? Are our decision-making processes different online than IRL? And most importantly, how can we use this to our advantage—in education, in retail, and in public policy? These questions are top-of-mind for behavioral economist... Continue Reading →
digital and social media | Nov 9th, 2015

Mentoring Kids Online: Alexandra Samuel on Digital Parenting in The Atlantic

In “Parents: Reject Technology Shaming” in The Atlantic, digital tech expert Alexandra Samuel highlights a new, very modern divide between parents, and provides some research-driven advice for moms and dads raising kids in the Internet age—and for the marketers and educators serving them. We’re... Continue Reading →
digital and social media | Nov 2nd, 2015

Shlomo Benartzi: Now Chief Scientist, California Digital Nudge Initiative

Last week, UCLA professor Shlomo Benartzi launched the California Digital Nudge Initiative: a collaboration with Senate President pro Tempore Kevin de León to better serve the state of California and transform government-level operations. According to the official press release, digital nudges help... Continue Reading →
digital and social media | Oct 18th, 2015

#AskASpeaker #2: Twitter Q&A with Amber MacArthur

This past Thursday, October 15th, we held another successful Twitter Q&A: the second in our new series of half-hour chats with some of our tech-savvy keynote speakers. And last week’s conversation was with relentless adaptation and digital economy expert Amber MacArthur. Called “Canada’s top... Continue Reading →
digital and social media | Sep 13th, 2015

Alexandra Samuel on Data-Driven Storytelling in Harvard Business Review

In “Data Is the Next Big Thing in Content Marketing,” Harvard Business Review’s Social Media Blogger Alexandra Samuel outlines how some of the world’s smartest companies are investing in “data journalism”: a new way to tell compelling narratives, make discoveries, and attract major social media... Continue Reading →
digital and social media | Aug 24th, 2015

First Look: Shlomo Benartzi’s New Book, The Smarter Screen

Behavioral economist Shlomo Benartzi’s new book is set to launch on October 6, 2015, and it’s called The Smarter Screen: What Your Business Can Learn from the Way Consumers Think Online. Co-written with science writer Jonah Lehrer, The Smarter Screen is being called “A must read for investors,... Continue Reading →
digital and social media | Aug 13th, 2015

Extending Human Imagination: Dr. Helen Papagiannis’ Augmented Expo Talk

This June, Augmented Reality (AR) expert Dr. Helen Papagiannis was a guest speaker at “Superpowers to the People: Augmented World Expo 2015,” which took place in Santa Clara, California. In her talk, titled “Advancing AR for Humanity,” Dr. Papagiannis took the opportunity to highlight her... Continue Reading →
digital and social media | Jul 29th, 2015

Internet of Things Expert David Rose Talks Enchantment in The Guardian

In an interview with The Guardian, David Rose—preeminent speaker on the Internet of Things—claims that our interactions with technology are “undergoing a giant shift.” This change is being fueled by a very basic human desire for wonder and enchantment—and could mean the end of the smartphone era as... Continue Reading →
digital and social media | Jan 15th, 2015

First Look: Magic and Loss: The Pleasures of the Internet by Virginia Heffernan

We're thrilled to share the news that speaker Virginia Heffernan's new book, Magic and Loss: The Pleasures of the Internet, will be available in August 2015 from Simon & Schuster. A prolific journalist and writer (she has contributed to The New York Times, Harper's, Slate, and many others),... Continue Reading →
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