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celebrities | Apr 14th, 2013

Why Rick Mercer Won't Be Pursuing A Career In Politics Anytime Soon

"The rants are the part of the show that’s completely personal because I write the rants myself," celebrity speaker Rick Mercer explains in a Yahoo! interview. "I actually view [the rants] first and foremost as my job. Every week I make sure that the rant is done and if people think it’s personal... Continue Reading →
celebrities | Apr 9th, 2013

Why's Rick Mercer Wearing Pink Today? To Put A Stop To Bullying

Rick Mercer is wearing pink today. While the celebrity speaker and host of the Rick Mercer Report says he's usually more of a black and white guy, he's veering away from his usual color palette for a good cause. "I am happy to make the exception [and wear pink]," he says, "if it means stating loud... Continue Reading →
celebrities | Feb 28th, 2013

Celebrity Speaker Rick Mercer Snags 3 Canadian Screen Awards

It looks like celebrity speaker and television host Rick Mercer is going to have to clear out some room in his trophy case. Again. At the inaugural Canadian Screen Awards (a combination of what were once the Genie and Gemini Awards), he took home 3 awards for his work with the record-breaking CBC... Continue Reading →
celebrities | Feb 27th, 2013

Global Awareness Week: Jessi Cruickshank On School-Life Balance

As part of Global Awareness Week, celebrity speaker Jessi Cruickshank ventured to MacEwan University to give the students a keynote on striking a school-life balance and fulfilling their potential. (Another Lavin speaker, Shalini Kantayya, also spoke during that week.) The event was organized to... Continue Reading →
celebrities | Feb 26th, 2013

Honored: Bryn Mawr College Awards Patti Smith The Katharine Hepburn Medal

As one of TIME's most influential people in the world, Patti Smith has inspired generations of fans all over the world. Bryn Mawr College recently honored Smith's contribution to music and the arts by presenting her with the Katharine Hepburn Medal. They called her a "trailblazer in the... Continue Reading →
celebrities | Feb 18th, 2013

Catching Up With Steven Page: New Keynotes & How I Met Your Mother

While Steven Page is a household name in Canada, those in the United States recently got a dose of his sharp wit and engaging personality, too. The former Barenaked Ladies front man and successful solo artist appeared on the popular comedy How I Met Your Mother earlier this month. The episode... Continue Reading →
celebrities | Feb 18th, 2013

Blaze Your Own Trail: Debbie Travis On Creating Business Opportunities

When you flip on the television today, there are design and decor shows aplenty. When Debbie Travis first discovered her love for decorating and interior design, however, that market didn't exist. While she originally wasn't sure how she could turn her love for transforming a room into a television... Continue Reading →
celebrities | Feb 3rd, 2013

Rick Mercer: Why He Loves His Job & Being A Political Satirist [VIDEO]

"I would be a fool not to be excited to go to work everyday," Rick Mercer says in a new interview. "I get to do all the things I like doing, and thankfully, there's an audience for that." Mercer recently spoke at the CBC Winter 2013 Season Preview, where he shared his thoughts on what makes working... Continue Reading →
celebrities | Jan 7th, 2013

Celebrity Speaker Rick Mercer Sounds Off On His Rant-Writing Process

There are few YouTube videos, aside from those by Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga, perhaps, that have racked up the numbers that celebrity speaker Rick Mercer's trademark rants have. Thus far, the comedian and television host has earned over 25 million views to his channel—and that's only counting the... Continue Reading →
celebrities | Jan 2nd, 2013

In Defense of Canadian Humour: Rick Mercer

Celebrity speaker Rick Mercer, master of the rant, might have a bone to pick with anyone who thinks that Canada doesn't have a good comedy scene—especially because he himself is so well-known for his sense of humour! In a new opinion piece in the Toronto Star, the host of the Gemini-winning show The... Continue Reading →
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