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bullying | Jul 21st, 2013

What Defines A Bully? A New Talk With Emily Bazelon

Is there a difference between bullying and simply being mean? Emily Bazelon, a speaker on bullying, thinks there is, and it's a crucial distinction to make. The Sticks and Stones author says bullying involves three elements: Verbal or physical abuse, repeated or chronic incidents, and a power... Continue Reading →
bullying | Apr 8th, 2013

Most Kids Don't Bully: Education Speaker Emily Bazelon On Outlier Behavior

"Most kids don't bully. Most kids don't like bullying," Emily Bazelon says in a new talk. "And that's a really important message because when kids know that about their own school, studies show that they actually do it even less because they see it as outlier behavior." Bazelon is one of our new... Continue Reading →