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business | Dec 12th, 2019

Authors Safi Bahcall, George Packer, and Shoshana Zuboff Featured on Bloomberg’s Best Books of 2019

Bloomberg announced their highly anticipated year end list of the Best Books of 2019, which compiles what the most powerful figures in business read this year. Three Lavin speakers across various topics—Safi Bahcall, George Packer, and Shoshana Zuboff—made the cut. “The sprawl of genres is proof,”... Continue Reading →
strategy | Dec 11th, 2019

Goldman Sachs and David Cote—Honeywell’s Former CEO— Ink Watershed Acquisition Deal, Forbes Reports

Brand name CEO David Cote partnered with investment bank Goldman Sachs to create GS Acquisition Holdings Corp., a publicly traded vehicle operating with Cote as its Executive Chairman. In a new and “defining” deal, the SPAC acquired Veritiv: the global leader in industrial cooling and IT... Continue Reading →
psychology | Dec 11th, 2019

Should Progressives Invoke Conservative Values? Sociologist Robb Willer Weighs In for The New York Times

In a recent op-ed for The New York Times, Standford’s Robb Willer and Jan Voelkel explore their thought-provoking research on how reaching across party lines can lead to considerable conservative support for progressive parties—without losing ground among their base. Where should a Democratic... Continue Reading →
| Dec 11th, 2019

Flikshop Founder and CEO Marcus Bullock Collaborates with Apple

Marcus Bullock is the creator of Flikshop, an ingeniously simple app that allows family members to connect with prisoners via short messages and photos. His entrepreneurial enterprise has proven so successful that he’s collaborating with Apple, as part of their Code with Apple series. At the age... Continue Reading →
civic engagement | Dec 11th, 2019

Saving Local News: The New York Times profiles Elizabeth Green and The American Journalism Project

1,400 communities across the U.S. have lost a local newspaper in the last 15 years—a statistic that reveals the severity of the crisis independent press now faces. Inspired, Lavin speaker and journalist Elizabeth Green co-founded The American Journalism Project to support the nonprofit, local... Continue Reading →
politics & society | Dec 10th, 2019

Derek Thompson Reveals How Age Became the Democractic Party’s Most Important Fault Line

Age no longer merely divides Republicans and Democrats. In today’s political tapestry, there exists a third party—the young leftists—who veer sharply away from both platforms. In his latest for The Atlantic, Derek Thompson dives deep into the progressive movement happening throughout the current... Continue Reading →
artificial intelligence | Dec 10th, 2019

Is This The End of Work as We Know It? Martin Ford Weighs in for ABC

Picture this: the year is 2050. The world’s population is approaching the 10 billion mark, and artificial intelligence,  robots, and technological “personal assistants” have saturated the workforce. On the latest segment of ABC’s This Working Life, Martin Ford discusses whether there will be enough... Continue Reading →
entertainers | Dec 9th, 2019

Holiday Magic: David Kwong’s Off-Broadway Show The Enigmatist Reviewed in The New York Times

Delivering “egghead charm and brainy sleight of hand,” David Kwong’s magic show The Enigmatist is an evening of tricks and brain teasers that will delight audiences this holiday season.  “I’ve taken the world’s nerdiest hobbies and combined them into one career,” says David Kwong, the man... Continue Reading →
literature | Dec 6th, 2019

Three Lavin Speakers Make Variety’s Best Books of 2019 List

Lavin’s speakers have dominated the “end-of-year” and “best-of-decade” lists circulating the Internet lately. Most recently, Variety’s Best Books of 2019 list featured works by three Lavin Speakers: YA novelist Angie Thomas, Atlantic columnist and therapist Lori Gottlieb, and literary legend... Continue Reading →
innovation | Dec 4th, 2019

The Real Way to Increase Innovation: Safi Bahcall’s Loonshots Profiled in Forbes

In his groundbreaking book Loonshots, former biotech entrepreneur Safi Bahcall uses science to explain why organizations become risk-averse as they grow, how we can combat the urge to play it safe, and the real way to stoke innovation within a company. “Established companies rarely seem to... Continue Reading →
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