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education | Feb 27th, 2019

Admission Isn’t Acceptance: Anthony Jack Reveals the Plight of Low-Income Kids at Ivy League Schools in The Privileged Poor

Even though the Ivy League has opened their doors to a more diverse student body, less privileged students still struggle. Drawing from his own experiences, as well as dozens of interviews with undergraduates at one of America’s most prestigious colleges, Anthony Jack’s The Privileged Poor (out now... Continue Reading →
artificial intelligence | Feb 26th, 2019

Amber Mac’s The AI Effect Wins Best Technology Series at the Canadian Podcast Awards

Canada’s dominance in the artificial intelligence space is drawing attention from tech leaders and entrepreneurs around the world, with a wealth of well-funded start-ups, dedicated research facilities and some of the brightest minds in the field. It’s no surprise that The AI Effect, innovation... Continue Reading →
business strategy | Feb 22nd, 2019

Smart People Make Bad Choices. Bestselling Author and Poker Champ Maria Konnikova Explains Why.

“If we think of life as one big game,” says psychologist turned poker champ Maria Konnikova, “the question becomes, how do we play it optimally?” Just like in poker, leaders, managers and CEOs are dealt a set of important decisions every day. How can you ensure that you’re always making the right... Continue Reading →
innovation | Feb 21st, 2019

Good People Kill Great Ideas. Loonshots Author Safi Bahcall Has Developed “The Innovation Equation” to Fix That.

The CEOs of GE, Nokia, and RIM (BlackBerry) all believed they’d made innovation a pillar of their corporate culture, yet all of them ended up rejecting important innovations and costing themselves billions. “Why do good teams, with excellent people and the best intentions, kill great ideas?”... Continue Reading →
creativity | Feb 19th, 2019

Rahaf Harfoush’s Hustle and Float (Out Today!) Will Revolutionize the Way We View Productivity

Our culture is obsessed with hustling—working faster and harder—often to the point of exhaustion, and always to the detriment of our creative wellbeing. In Hustle and Float (out today!) Rahaf Harfoush, digital anthropologist and bestselling author, reveals a more humane, sustainable, efficient and... Continue Reading →
the lavin agency | Feb 15th, 2019

“Why Structure Education in a Way That Kills Imagination?” The Tickets Podcast Interviews Lavin Agency President and CEO David Lavin

The Tickets podcast showcases the visionaries behind the “world’s most exciting and innovative live experiences.” Previous guests include the head of programming for SXSW and the head of Adobe’s 99U Conference. Naturally, The Lavin Agency president and CEO David Lavin was invited to chat, and the... Continue Reading →
psychology | Feb 14th, 2019

These Speakers—Behavioral Scientists, Grit Experts, and Psychologists—Help Audiences Stick to Their Goals

It’s a month into 2019, do you know where your New Year’s resolutions are? These speakers—behavioral scientists, grit experts, and psychologists—help audiences define and stick to their goals, both at work and at home.   Angela Duckworth is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Grit—her... Continue Reading →
written arts | Feb 12th, 2019

L.A. Confidential Author James Ellroy, the “Demon Dog” of American Literature, is Now a Lavin Speaker

James Ellroy—the “Godfather of crime fiction”—is the internationally acclaimed, award-winning author behind L.A. Confidential, The Black Dahlia, American Tabloid, and most recently, Perfidia, which The Guardian called “an awe-inspiring vision of social, moral and human chaos.”  In candid talks, he... Continue Reading →
lavin + wired | Feb 8th, 2019

Plan the Conference of the Future with Lavin + WIRED: A New, Exclusive Partnership

From ethics to innovation, culture to business, WIRED offers grounded, deeply-reported coverage of how technology will impact our jobs, our economy, our politics, and our lives. They provide the most essential information to help people set the smartest course for their future—mirroring our own... Continue Reading →
entrepreneurship | Feb 6th, 2019

Want to Make Your Hard Work Work Harder? Harvard Business School Professor Laura Huang Says You Need to Create an Edge.

How can we make our paths to success a little easier? We all have biases working for and against us, says Laura Huang, one of the top business school professors in America and author of the hotly anticipated book EDGE (2020). Whether it’s a natural confidence (or lack thereof); established networks... Continue Reading →
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