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trending | Apr 3rd, 2020

“Act As If You’re Really There”: Futurist Douglas Rushkoff Reveals How to Develop Presence Working Remotely

There is no real substitute for in-person contact. That’s true. But it doesn’t mean that our video conferencing and telework has to be completely alienating, either. In his latest article, futurist and author Douglas Rushkoff offers practical tips for making our work-from-home feel engaging.... Continue Reading →
climate crisis | Apr 2nd, 2020

Virginia Heffernan Reveals What Plant-Based Burgers Teach Us About Saving the Planet in WIRED

Our climate change solutions need to go beyond the technical, argues Virginia Heffernan. They need to address the anthropological, too.   Several years ago, Stanford biochemist Pat Brown founded Impossible Foods. There, he developed the company’s signature product: a plant-based burger animated... Continue Reading →
leadership | Apr 1st, 2020

“Hourly Workers Represent a Hero Class”: VC Tony Tjan Joins LinkedIn Co-Founder Reid Hoffman’s Masters of Scale

Hourly workers around the world are experiencing severe financial instability due to the coronavirus pandemic. As the co-founder of Boston’s Cue Ball Capital, Tony Tjan oversees a portfolio of purpose-driven companies that employ hundreds of hourly workers, from nail techs to servers. In the latest... Continue Reading →
health & wellness | Mar 31st, 2020

Jamil Zaki Reveals How Disasters Shock Us Into Remembering Our Shared Humanity for The Wall Street Journal

Though some shoppers have been panic-buying toilet paper and sanitizer against expert advice, there’s a much bigger trend happening during this pandemic—empathy. In his latest op-ed for The Wall Street Journal, Stanford psychologist Jamil Zaki explores how COVID-19 has sparked a “global epidemic of... Continue Reading →
leadership | Mar 30th, 2020

Former Honeywell CEO David Cote Reveals How He’s Approaching the Coronavirus Crisis in Fortune

Few CEOs navigated the Great Recession as skillfully as David Cote. In a new interview with Fortune, the inspiring corporate leader offers guidance for businesses managing the coronavirus crisis today.  When David Cote inherited Honeywell in 2002, the company was teetering on the brink of failure... Continue Reading →
politics & society | Mar 27th, 2020

In Healing Politics, Epidemiologist Abdul El-Sayed Diagnoses the Political Epidemic that Led to the Pandemic

The coronavirus has left a trail of devastation in its wake. If anything, the virus has exposed how critically vulnerable and unprepared American society was for a crisis of this magnitude. In his book Healing Politics, ABDUL EL-SAYED lays out the progressive path we’ll need to rebuild an America... Continue Reading →
social justice | Mar 26th, 2020

Age Activist Ashton Applewhite Says Beating Coronavirus Means Confronting Ageism and Ableism

As new coronavirus cases surge and more and more people self-isolate to flatten the curve, the nation’s economy continues to plummet. On Twitter, the suggestion that older people should sacrifice themselves for the sake of the economy is only one indication of how ageism and ableism are being laid... Continue Reading →
trending | Mar 25th, 2020

Tech Reporter Amber Mac Offers Tips for Working from Home on CTV News

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, those lucky enough to be able to work from home have since made the transition— some for the very first time. Amber Mac joined CTV News to offer her top tips for staying productive, connected, and safe while under lockdown.   Conventional wisdom would... Continue Reading →
innovation | Mar 24th, 2020

Culinary Entrepreneur Ellen Bennett Pivots Her Apron Brand Into a Mask Manufacturer Amid the Coronavirus

Ellen Bennett is the founder of Hedley & Bennett, a high-end apron brand beloved by the likes of Martha Stewart and Momofuku's David Chang. In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, Bennett has switched her company from producing sophisticated culinary gear, to manufacturing masks for those at risk... Continue Reading →
innovation | Mar 23rd, 2020

Biotech Entrepreneur Safi Bahcall Explains What the History of Pfizer and Penicillin Teaches Us During the Coronavirus

In his new article for The Wall Street Journal, Loonshots author Safi Bahcall offers us a dose of optimism amid a harrowing newscycle. Industries have come together during times of crisis in the past, shares the bestselling author, and they can do it again for the coronavirus.   “Stories of... Continue Reading →
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