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retail | Sep 5th, 2018

The “Conspiracy of Success”: Retail Visionary Doug Stephens Predicts the End of Amazon

Doug Stephens is a retail visionary—author, podcaster and consultant to some of North America’s best-known retailers: Home Depot, Disney and Google, to name a few. His latest article “The End of Amazon,” is as provocative as the title indicates, and a truly fascinating read—for retailers and... Continue Reading →
leadership | Aug 31st, 2018

Effective, Actionable Leadership Advice from Drew Dudley’s New Book This Is Day One

It’s been a week since Drew Dudley’s This Is Day One hit the shelves, and readers can’t get enough of his sound, actionable advice. From tricks to replying to infuriating emails to developing your personal leadership philosophy, here’s a round-up of Dudley’s best, most recent leadership guidance.... Continue Reading →
politics & society | Aug 29th, 2018

America is a Nation Divided. Eric Klinenberg’s Palaces for the People Offers a Strong Solution.

America is fractured and Eric Klinenberg, professor of sociology and director of the Institute for Public Knowledge at New York University, has written a real, actionable fix. Palaces for the People (out Sept. 11, 2018) is a brilliant, fascinating, and uplifting argument for the importance of... Continue Reading →
diversity & inclusion | Aug 28th, 2018

Transformative Organizational Change Isn’t Impossible. New Speaker Heather McGhee Has Done It and Can Show You How.

In the wake of two wrongful, racially motivated arrests in their store, Starbucks entrusted  HEATHER C. MCGHEE and her team at Demos to create and implement a groundbreaking racial bias training strategy. Now Lavin’s latest speaker, McGhee is a policy expert and natural storyteller who draws from... Continue Reading →
politics & society | Aug 24th, 2018

Want to Do Something Meaningful But Don’t Know Where to Start? Read Molly Crabapple’s Guide to Making a Difference.

Molly Crabapple is one of the most determined and gifted political voices of our time. Her illustrations and writing on the Occupy Wall Street movement, Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, and the Syrian War make human and visceral what can often seem distant and abstract. She spoke to Huck Magazine... Continue Reading →
business strategy | Aug 23rd, 2018

Francesca Gino Makes the Business Case for Curiosity in the Latest Harvard Business Review

“Most of the breakthrough discoveries and remarkable inventions throughout history, from flints to fire to self-driving cars, have something in common: they are the result of curiosity,” says Francesca Gino, Harvard Business School professor, behavioral scientist, and author of the new book Rebel... Continue Reading →
disruption | Aug 14th, 2018

Introducing New Speaker Markus Giesler: One of the World’s Most Influential Consumer Sociologists

“The winner with consumers will always be whoever has the best strategy for managing the cultural, ethical and political factors of their innovation,” says Markus Giesler—one of the 40 Best Business Professors Under 40 and an incredibly influential consumer sociologist and ethnographer. Markus... Continue Reading →
politics & society | Jul 26th, 2018

Our Towns: Deborah & James Fallows Take Us On a Tour of Small-Town America’s Surprising Economic Renewal and Growth

“We began this project with one purpose in mind: we wanted to take a fresh look at the country, its disappointments and its possibilities.” In James and Deborah Fallows’ bestselling new book Our Towns, two seasoned journalists go on a remarkable exploration of America’s “flyover country,” creating... Continue Reading →
economics | Jul 10th, 2018

Annie Lowrey’s New Book About Universal Basic Income Starts Unexpected Conversations About The Future of Work

Inequality is rising. Poverty is persisting. Technology is rendering humans obsolete. According to many politicians, scientists and economists all over the world, the key to fixing this is a Universal Basic Income—a stipend given to every citizen. Annie Lowrey, contributing editor for The Atlantic,... Continue Reading →
psychology | Jul 5th, 2018

Empathy is a Skill. New Speaker Jamil Zaki Can Teach You How to Practice It.

Jamil Zaki is Director of the Stanford Social Neuroscience Lab, which aims to unpack, understand, and ultimately teach empathy: “empathetic practice becomes empathetic habits becomes empathetic people,” says Zaki in his acclaimed TED Talk. It’s a skill, he explains. We just have to start seeing it... Continue Reading →
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