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microbiology | Dec 16th, 2010

Can This Man Stop the Next AIDS? The New Yorker Profiles Nathan Wolfe

Nathan Wolfe is working to thwart the next worldwide pandemic before it strikes. This week, The New Yorker profiles Wolfe as part of its 2010 World Changers issue. (Nathan was also a 2009 Rolling Stone Agent of Change—you can start to see a pattern emerge.) According to The New Yorker, Nathan looks... Continue Reading →
innovation | Dec 15th, 2010

John Maeda: Art + Science = Innovation

We stumbled upon some of John Maeda’s classic design work today, over at Fast Company. One of the world’s most famous designers, and ever prescient, John’s been preaching some form of “design thinking” for many years now. As a keynote speaker, and as President of the Rhode Island School of Design,... Continue Reading →
journalism | Dec 14th, 2010

Lev Grossman Writes Two of TIME Magazine's Most Talked About Stories of 2010

If you are an important person and Lev Grossman is writing a profile on you, there’s actually a pretty good chance you’ll end up on the cover of TIME magazine. In fact, your very appearance on the cover — and all the freighted significance that carries — may itself become news. It’s happened twice... Continue Reading →
design | Dec 14th, 2010

A Materials Girl: Neri Oxman is Redesigning the Modern World

Neri Oxman is one of the coolest people I know. Everyone that I explain her work to responds in the same way: with follow-up Web browsing to learn all they can about the woman who designed a chair that moves with your body weight! That chair — called Beast (photo below), a stunning mix of Eamesian... Continue Reading →
microbiology | Dec 14th, 2010

Nathan Wolfe: We Don't Know Enough

Humans know very little about most of the natural world, says Nathan Wolfe. But this isn’t a cause for concern. It should be seen as a call to arms for further discovery. Here’s Nathan, in an exclusive Lavin video, wrapping up one of his typically fantastic speeches, imploring the young scientists... Continue Reading →
neuroscience | Dec 13th, 2010

Jonah Lehrer: What's Wrong With The Scientific Method?

The scientific method is supposed to be one of life’s givens — an unassailable truth, like death and taxes. But just how perfect is it? In last week’s New Yorker, Jonah Lehrer wrote about troubling flaws in the scientific method, focusing on something called The Decline Effect. A number of... Continue Reading →
honors | Dec 12th, 2010

Daron Acemoglu is the 88th Most Influential Thinker on the Planet

MIT economist Daron Acemoglu has been named to Foreign Policy’s list of 100 Global Thinkers, for “showing that freedom is about more than markets.” In their write-up, the FP editors stop just short of saying he will one day win a Nobel — a not unlikely outcome given that he’s already won the John... Continue Reading →
kwame anthony appiah: | Dec 9th, 2010

Kwame Anthony Appiah: "Why I Nominated Liu Xiaobo"

In Oslo today, the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to writer Liu Xiaobo, who was unable to attend the ceremonies due to his ongoing imprisonment by the Chinese government. An empty chair sat on stage, pointedly, representing his absence. Below is an excerpt from a much-circulated letter that... Continue Reading →
technology | Dec 9th, 2010

Why The Net Matters: David Eagleman Releases Latest Book as iPad App

Non-fiction fans, you knew this day was coming. And now it’s here. David Eagleman — novelist, neuroscientist, and Lavin speaker — has written his new book, Why the Net Matters: How the Internet Will Save Civilization, as an iPad-only app. Mind-blowing video demo above. Continue Reading →
novels | Dec 9th, 2010

Chuck Klosterman Calls Jonathan Franzen the Most (the Only) Important Living Novelist in America

Chuck Klosterman may be the most underrated profile writer in America. (Though maybe he’s properly rated.) Regardless, here’s another winner: a GQ profile of Jonathan Franzen that, like most of his writing, slowly expands to include a plethora of other subjects, including what it feels like to live... Continue Reading →
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