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global health | Jul 19th, 2011

Ten Years Later, Pulitzer Prize Winner Laurie Garrett Revisits 9/11

UPDATED: September 11, 2012. I Heard the Sirens Scream is now available in hardcover. Check it out here.  In anticipation of the tenth anniversary of September 11th, global health speaker Laurie Garrett has released I Heard the Sirens Scream: How Americans Responded to the 9/11 and Anthrax Attacks.... Continue Reading →
sustainability | Jul 18th, 2011

James Fallows: The Future of Energy Includes "Clean Coal"

In his Atlantic cover story on “Clean Coal,” James Fallows riled up both the energy industry and the environmental sector—getting them to examine all sides of the world’s pressing energy concerns. “Clean Coal,” he argued, is not an oxymoron but a viable solution—for now—to a problem that has no easy... Continue Reading →
cultural studies | Jul 17th, 2011

Jeff Chang: A Social History of the Hip-Hop Generation, Rediscovered

Indie kingmakers Pitchfork have compiled a list of their favorite music books and Can’t Stop Won’t Stop: A History of the Hip-Hop Generation, by Lavin speaker Jeff Chang, is on it. A strong choice for University Common Read programs, Chang’s sweeping masterwork of vivid cultural reporting hedges... Continue Reading →
science | Jul 14th, 2011

A New Book by Nathan Wolfe, The Viral Storm, Rethinks Pandemics

Biologist and virus hunter Nathan Wolfe, who is a member of this year's TIME 100, will release his first book, The Viral Storm: the Dawn of a New Pandemic Age, this fall. Called "a charismatic and rising star of the medical world" by fellow Lavin speaker Jared Diamond, Wolfe crisscrosses the globe... Continue Reading →
peace and justice | Jul 10th, 2011

A Civilian Honor for Extraordinary Doctor Samantha Nutt

The Lavin Agency is pleased to announce that Dr. Samantha Nutt, the humanitarian and Founder & Executive Director of War Child Canada, has received the Order of Canada for her contributions to improving the lives of young people in global conflict zones. The Order, given by Governor General David... Continue Reading →
natural resources | Jul 10th, 2011

Charles Fishman: We Don't Have a Language for Talking About Water

You'd think humans couldn't screw up water, being a renewable resource and all, but as we learn from a recent Washington Post piece, “we squander it and defile it. Until, as we are increasingly finding, it is not there when we want it.” The article looks at three must-read books acting as viaducts... Continue Reading →
big think | Jul 7th, 2011

Rolling Stone's Matt Taibbi Talks Politics, Gets Personal

Matt Taibbi, the author of Griftopia, the visceral and eye-opening story of America's economic crisis power grab, has a new video on Big Think. The interview is a great primer for anyone curious about the man behind some of Rolling Stone's strongest and most entertaining reporting since Hunter S.... Continue Reading →
art + innovation | Jul 6th, 2011

From Aspen Ideas Fest: John Maeda on Creative Cultures

Innovation speaker John Maeda recently spoke about building cultures of creativity at the 2011 Aspen Ideas Festival, as part of a panel moderated by Paolo Antonelli, MOMA's senior curator in the department of Architecture and Design. The renowned artist, designer, educator, and current president... Continue Reading →
mind games | Jul 6th, 2011

Jonah Lehrer: Is The Internet Changing Our Brains?

In this exclusive Lavin Agency video, neuroscience speaker Jonah Lehrer discusses the impact of the internet on the human brain. Is Google making us stupid? Is Twitter the apocalypse? Is Facebook ruining friendship? This is simply the wrong line of questioning to pursue, says Lehrer, a contributing... Continue Reading →
science + democracy | Jul 4th, 2011

Dr. Jared Diamond on the Future of Human Rights

Celebrity scientist and Pulitzer Prize winning author Jared Diamond knows how to tackle big questions. His bestsellers, Collapse, and Guns, Germs, and Steel, have changed the ways we look at how societies thrive or fail and how we can maximize happiness while dodging ecological collapse. Now, in a... Continue Reading →
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