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tech future | Oct 26th, 2011

Amber Mac on Cities and Social Media

Amber MacArthur, host of national mobile tech TV show App Central and one of the leading voices of the web generation, knows her way around technology big and small. Each week she speaks to a mass audience through podcasts and broadcasts, but she's also busy delivering keynotes in front of various... Continue Reading →
politics and hollywood | Oct 24th, 2011

Ex Obama Campaign Boss on Kal Penn: "He Was There For All The Right Reasons."

What do the White House and a fictional youth's trip to White Castle have in common? Until recently, both could be traced to Kal Penn, the Harold and Kumar actor-turned-political staffer who made waves when he left the big screen to work in Washington. Now he's making waves on the way back. This... Continue Reading →
retail reality | Oct 20th, 2011

Doug Stephens: How Companies Can Survive the Consumer Power Shift

In a recent keynote, Retail Prophet founder Doug Stephens—one of the world's only retail industry futurists—offered a panoramic vision of retail to come. Armed with smart phones and other net tools, consumers are now capable of finding out everything about a product within a click or two. Retailers... Continue Reading →
the rise of empathy | Oct 18th, 2011

Steven Pinker in The Guardian and on Colbert: Violence is Declining

The Guardian published a massive feature this week on renowned cognitive scientist Steven Pinker. In his latest, and arguably most ambitious, book, The Better Angels of Our Nature, Pinker “challenges one of our deepest but unexamined assumptions – that current and recent times have been the most... Continue Reading →
the brain | Oct 17th, 2011

Jonah Lehrer: Uniqueness is a Sham, But People Are Still Driven to It

The next time you're standing in line at your hip local indie coffee bar, Jonah Lehrer would like you to look around. The people surrounding you might very well look a lot like you—which defeats the impression of distinctiveness you were hoping to cultivate by eschewing more mainstream coffee... Continue Reading →
protest economy | Oct 16th, 2011

Rolling Stone's Matt Taibbi: Five Tips For Occupy Wall Street Protesters

Rolling Stone’s Matt Taibbi has been combating Wall Street corruption for years now—through a series of provocative articles, and in his bestselling book Griftopia. So it makes sense that he’d make a trip to survey the scene at Occupy Wall Street. Simply put, he loves it, colorfully describing the... Continue Reading →
arts and culture | Oct 16th, 2011

Globe on Margaret Atwood: Saving Libraries, Breaking Literary Stereotypes

Literary icon Margaret Atwood possesses an incredibly wide cultural range and impact—a fact that's abundantly clear in a new Globe and Mail story that spans her recent accomplishments, including a highly publicized push to save Toronto’s public libraries and the release of her new non-fiction book... Continue Reading →
innvovation + the arts | Oct 13th, 2011

At the STEM to STEAM Forum, John Maeda Offers a New Educational Model

World-renowned artist, designer, computer scientist and educator John Maeda continues his push to include Art into an American education system seemingly focused only on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math better—known as the STEM model; he would like to turn it into the STEAM model. At the... Continue Reading →
women's rights | Oct 12th, 2011

Lisa Shannon: The Other Crisis in Somalia

There's a crisis in the Horn of Africa, and it's not just around food. Writing in The Guardian, grassroots activist Lisa Shannon alerts us to the dramatically escalating sexual violence spreading in Somalia—the silent catastrophe lost in coverage of the region's devastation. “Sexual violence is... Continue Reading →
entrepreneurs | Oct 11th, 2011

Jeremy Gutsche: On Leaving a Cushy Financial Job to Start Trend Hunter

In the Financial Post this week, Jeremy Gutsche talks about what inspired him to leave his cushy management consultant job at Capital One to concentrate full-time on Trend Hunter, the world's most influential trend website. As Gutsche tells the Post, his driving entrepreneurial spirit is second... Continue Reading →
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