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mental health | Feb 13th, 2011

Mental Health Speaker Drew Dudley: Being Called Superman, But Feeling Weak

Below are some very personal paragraphs from mental health speaker Drew Dudley. It’s an outline for his keynote speech on living with bipolar disorder — a powerful, myth-clearing talk about what it’s like to be one of the millions of Canadians who struggle with mental health. Before delving in,... Continue Reading →
television | Feb 13th, 2011

John Elder Robison to Appear on Discover Science's Ingenious Minds

Author, mechanic, designer, photographer, speaker — these are just a few words that could describe John Elder Robison. The Look Me in the Eye author runs a multi-million dollar car specialty shop and a successful photography business. He’s designed guitars for KISS and toys for Milton Bradley. Oh... Continue Reading →
middle east | Feb 10th, 2011

Reza Aslan in The Atlantic: With Mubarak Gone, How Does Egypt's Revolution Affect Iran?

After the dramatic news today that Hosni Mubarak has stepped down following more than two weeks of mass protests, the eyes of the world now shift to their neighbors. Will the revolution in Egypt, which has now proven to be successful, create a domino effect in the region? In no place is the... Continue Reading →
technology | Feb 9th, 2011

TIME's Lead Tech Writer Lev Grossman Profiles Raymond Kurzweil On the Future of Human Advancement

In his profile for Time, Lavin speaker Lev Grossman asks: when does science fiction cease to be fiction, and start to become reality? Ray Kurzweil has devoted his life to this very question, and he reveals his beliefs and findings to Grossman in a fascinating profile. Kurzweil’s main theory is... Continue Reading →
social media | Feb 7th, 2011

Social Media Speaker Amber Mac Models for JACOB, Keeps it Real

In her book Power Friending, social media speaker Amber Mac stresses the importance of authenticity. Her dedication to this trait, in fact, is one of the reasons JACOB has chosen her as one of three real women (meaning non-professional models) to star in their new spring campaign. The other... Continue Reading →
interviews | Feb 6th, 2011

Wait Wait…Carl Hiaasen Will Tell You: America's Best Satirist Talks Golf and Obscure Winter Sports on NPR

Award-winning author and Lavin speaker Carl Hiaasen recently appeared on NPR’s Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me! — the “game show” where famous guests answer random questions. It was a perfect platform for Carl’s brand of observational humor. The Pulitzer Prize-nominated columnist talked about Florida’s... Continue Reading →
middle east | Feb 3rd, 2011

Religion Speaker Stephen Prothero on Why Egypt 2011 is not Iran 1979

In his latest article for CNN.com’s Belief Blog, religion speaker Stephen Prothero explains why the political uprising in Egypt is not similar to the Iranian Revolution of 1979, as some have suggested. Stephen lists four reasons: 1) Sunnis are not Shiites 2) El Baradei is not Khomeini 3)... Continue Reading →
education & technology | Feb 2nd, 2011

Teachers and Twitter: Jennifer Corriero Talks About Technology in the Classroom

This sign-of-the-times tweet — from education speaker Jennifer Corriero — just caught my eye: “Teaching a teacher about twitter right now ;)”. How very 2011! How very Jennifer Corriero! A world-renowned expert on new technologies and their role in the classroom, Jennifer is the co-founder of... Continue Reading →
middle east | Feb 1st, 2011

Talking About Cairo: Reza Aslan on the Future of Democracy in the Middle East

The protests in Cairo have added searing urgency to a topic that experts like Reza Aslan have been discussing for years: the future of democracy in the Middle East. Since 2005, Reza has been pushing for change in the region and, in fact, many of his books — including the seminal No god but God —... Continue Reading →
speaker stories | Jan 27th, 2011

Amber Mac and Margaret Atwood Play Angry Birds

How cool would it be to play Angry Birds with Margaret Atwood? On Thursday, Amber Mac did just that — spending some quality videogame time with the Booker-winning author who, at the age of 70, has embraced new mediums such as Twitter with a surprising zeal. Atwood recently documented her adventures... Continue Reading →
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