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workplace 2.0 | Nov 29th, 2011

Douglas Merrill: How Smaller Companies Can Win The War for Talent

One of the striking difficulties for new companies is attracting top-notch talent. How can a start-up hope to compete with the Googles, the Facebooks and the Groupons of the world? In a recent blog post, Douglas Merrill—former Chief Information Officer at Google, where he oversaw 1,500 terrifically... Continue Reading →
open source 2.0 | Nov 27th, 2011

David Eaves: How Governments Can Use Social Media

In our increasingly web-based work world, the question of how government employees should use the internet—including social media—is a pressing concern. In a recent blog post, David Eaves, one of the world’s leading open government advocates, reviews Canada’s new guidelines for web use by its public... Continue Reading →
innovation | Nov 24th, 2011

Lev Grossman: In a World of Optimizers, Inventors Still Matter

Bestselling fantasy author Lev Grossman has written the cover story for this week’s TIME magazine, the special “Invention Issue.” Fittingly, Grossman, who is also the magazine’s chief book critic and tech writer, introduces the year’s 50 best inventions—one-time fantasies that have become incredible... Continue Reading →
economics | Nov 23rd, 2011

Joseph Heath: Why Some Occupy Movements Miss the Mark

In a recent Uptown interview, Joseph Heath—the Rebel Sell co-author and fearless economics speaker—muses on everything from consumerism to the various Occupy movements, proving why he can lucidly explain economics to pretty much anyone. Talking about the Occupy movement, Heath argues that the... Continue Reading →
retail prophet | Nov 22nd, 2011

Doug Stephens: The Dismal Present, and Bright Future, of Online Shopping

In a recent interview, Doug Stephens discussed Canada's dreadful e-commerce vacuum as well as—his favorite topic—the future of retail. As Stephens points out, 96% of Canadian households have high-speed internet access, yet only 8% of Canadian businesses do business online. This discrepancy is much... Continue Reading →
the presidency | Nov 17th, 2011

Kwame Anthony Appiah: Obama Has Done Too Little for the Poor

In a recent interview with The Root, Kwame Anthony Appiah was asked to rate Obama's presidency from his inauguration to present day. A leading American intellectual, Appiah is also one of Foreign Policy's Top 100 Global Thinkers, the author of several books on justice and society, and a professor at... Continue Reading →
the economy | Nov 14th, 2011

Daron Acemoglu: Increasing Wage Gaps and Lobbying are Dangerous

Daron Acemoglu, one of the world's foremost authorities on economics, feels uneasy about what's going on in Italy. “If Italy starts wobbling, it could be really bad news for the world economy,” he said recently to hundreds attending the 26th annual Henry George Lecture at the University of Scranton.... Continue Reading →
technology | Nov 10th, 2011

Rahaf Harfoush: Soon, Facebook Will Track Nearly Everything You Do

In the Mark this week, digital strategist Rahaf Harfoush has an eye-opening piece outlining Facebook's increasing appetite for collecting, and eventually sharing, your personal data. Harfoush disentangles Facebook's recently announced changes, which include tracking all of your Facebook actions, and... Continue Reading →
neuroscience | Nov 9th, 2011

Jonah Lehrer: The Social Significance of Supersizing Portions

Neuroscience speaker Jonah Lehrer has a knack for bridging academic papers and the realities faced by regular people. In his latest piece for Wired, Lehrer wrangles waistlines. More specifically, he highlights studies that show we are actually really bad at figuring out when we're full. It's a... Continue Reading →
corporate strategy | Nov 8th, 2011

Arkadi Kuhlmann Shifts to Culture-Driven Leadership in Rock then Roll

As the chairman and president of ING Direct, Arkadi Kuhlmann is one of North America's most respected executives. In his latest book, Rock then Roll, Kuhlmann eschews the traditional model of top-down corporate leadership, championing the culture-driven leadership that helped ING Direct become one... Continue Reading →
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