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web 2.0 and social media | Aug 26th, 2012

Internet speaker Virginia Heffernan Says Amazon is Now an Online Content Producer

When Amazon started to categorize purchases of its political books as either "red" or "blue," the mega-retailer became, in essence, a media company—a producer of content. So says Internet speaker Virginia Heffernan. Amazon, she argues, is "not a virtual bookstore anymore. Instead, it’s an immersive... Continue Reading →
entrepreneurs | Aug 26th, 2012

Ideas, Quickly: Start-Up Advice from Business Speaker Kevin O’Leary

“You’re nobody as an entrepreneur until you’ve made money for someone else,” says Kevin O’Leary, a noted business speaker.  Anyone who has watched an episode of ABC’s Shark Tank, or The Lang And O'Leary Exchange and Dragon's Den, on CBC, knows that O'Leary, a host and judge on those shows, is... Continue Reading →
tiff 2012 | Aug 23rd, 2012

Salman Rushdie and Deepa Mehta Bring Midnight’s Children, the Movie, to TIFF

Midnight's Children, an adaptation of the Booker Prize-winning novel by Salman Rushdie, is one of the most highly anticipated films to debut at the Toronto International Film Festival this September. It’ll be a busy month for Rushdie, as he’ll also be launching his new memoir, Joseph Anton.  For... Continue Reading →
web 2.0 and social media | Aug 23rd, 2012

Internet Speaker Sue Gardner, of Wikipedia, is One of Forbes' Most Powerful Women

Sue Gardner, the Executive Director of the WikiMedia Foundation, has something to add to her Wikipedia page: she landed a coveted spot on Forbes’ 100 Most Powerful Women list. That, and she's the only Canadian who made the cut this time around. Gardner, a brilliant Internet speaker, is a... Continue Reading →
ted fellows | Aug 22nd, 2012

Looking at Extreme Weather: Photographer and Environmental Speaker Camille Seaman

"I'm trying to articulate that humans are not separate from nature," says environmental speaker Camille Seaman. Seaman is a TED Fellow, a photographer, and Lavin’s latest signing. Her work captures the harsh beauty of our powerful yet fragile natural world, from the polar regions to the... Continue Reading →
testimonials | Aug 22nd, 2012

"A Fresh Burst of Life and Energy": Innovation Speaker Jeremy Gutsche

At his site, TrendHunter.com, innovation speaker Jeremey Gutsche knows how to sift through the hubbub and find the next big thing. As one of the speakers at the 2012 Australian Chambers Business Congress, Gutsche brought his voracious stage presence and keen eye for innovative business cultures. In... Continue Reading →
all the single ladies | Aug 22nd, 2012

Making It, After All: Kate Bolick’s Popular Atlantic Cover Story is Now a CBS Sitcom

Kate Bolick’s popular Atlantic cover story “All The Single Ladies,” which was one of the most-read articles on the Internet last year, is being turned into a new sitcom, set to air on CBS, the network that ran The Mary Tyler Moore Show in the ‘70s. Bolick’s highly personal article will serve as the... Continue Reading →
tiff 2012 | Aug 22nd, 2012

Pakistan to Wall Street: The Reluctant Fundamentalist, a New Film by Mira Nair

Director Mira Nair’s hotly anticipated new film, The Reluctant Fundamentalist, revolves around the complicated, and sometimes scandalous, world of international politics—and, in classic Nair fashion, it's wildly entertaining while still having heft. It stars Riz Ahmen, Kate Hudson, and Kiefer... Continue Reading →
election 2012 | Aug 21st, 2012

When Faith and Politics Collide: World Religions Speaker Stephen Prothero

In his recent CNN blog, world religions speaker Stephen Prothero talked about the way a candidate’s faith will inevitably work its way into discussions about their politics, especially in an election year. Case in point: Mitt Romney’s open invitation for reporters to join him at church —despite the... Continue Reading →
the information | Aug 21st, 2012

Why the Cloud Sucks: Innovation Speaker Steve Wozniak

Innovation speaker Steve Wozniak doesn’t like the cloud. In an article for Gizmodo, the co-founder of Apple Computers tells a tale of woe where most of the important information he had stored on his Google calendar was wiped out—thanks to a glitchy system update. Depending on something so easy to... Continue Reading →
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