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civil rights | Feb 23rd, 2011

An Ovation, and an Apology, for Civil Rights Icon Minnijean Brown Trickey

After Minnijean Brown Trickey gave her emotional keynote at Peru State College last month, something unexpected happened, something wonderful and heartfelt. Something 53 years in the making. First, a quick refresher: As a 16 year-old, Minnijean was a member of the Little Rock Nine, whose... Continue Reading →
environmental design | Feb 22nd, 2011

Environmentalism is Not a Passive Act: Design Speaker Natalie Jeremijenko Honored by Fast Company

Fast Company’s recent list of the Most Influential Women in Design for 2011 includes Natalie Jeremijenko, the NYU professor for whom “environmentalism is not a passive act of cutting back, it’s all about getting out there and doing more.” The business magazine writes that Jeremijenko, a Lavin... Continue Reading →
middle east | Feb 22nd, 2011

"People Seeing Something Better for Themselves." Humanitarian Richard Heinzl on Libya

Just caught up with Dr. Richard Heinzl, the founder of Doctors Without Borders Canada, who has provided care to many of the world’s most vulnerable populations. He’s doing some research for his keynote this Monday, and incorporating recent and relevant news stories into his main talk, as he’s... Continue Reading →
books | Feb 22nd, 2011

New in Paperback: Lisa Shannon's A Thousand Sisters

Lisa Shannon’s memoir A Thousand Sisters, about her journey to help women in the Congo at enormous personal cost, is now out in paperback. Since its release, Lisa has been named to Oprah Magazine’s Power List, profiled on ABC’s World News Tonight, and championed by Nicholas Kristof in both his... Continue Reading →
books | Feb 21st, 2011

Indisputable Proof (Sort of) That College Students Love Chuck Klosterman's Sex, Drugs and Cocoa Puffs

Every year, designer John Gall asks his first-year students to design a book cover for their all-time favorite book. Unsurprisingly, Chuck Klosterman’s Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs — which the Onion AV Club calls, correctly, “one of the brightest pieces of pop analysis to appear this century” — is... Continue Reading →
social change | Feb 21st, 2011

"Everyone Was on a Mission": Social Change Speaker Happy Johnson Helps Rebuild Haiti

Social change speaker Happy Johnson first came to prominence with Blanket New Orleans — a unique relief effort he started during the terrifying aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. In those chaotic post-Katrina days, Happy also pitched in by driving an Emergency Response Vehicle; anything he could do... Continue Reading →
middle east | Feb 21st, 2011

Reza Aslan to Speak on Revolution (and Literature) in the Middle East

Reza Aslan will discuss the role literature has played in the fight for revolution in the Middle East as part of an esteemed panel, at the 92nd Street Y, that also includes Azar Nafisi and Nathan Englander. The event takes place next Monday, February 28th, 2011. It’s a topic for our times, and... Continue Reading →
resources | Feb 21st, 2011

Charles Fishman on Everything Corporations Need to Know About the New Age of Water

Above is a sneak peak at Charles Fishman’s new book, The Big Thirst, his globe-trotting tour de force on water — the world’s most precious and least understood resource. The golden age of water — an age when water was clean, cheap, and abundant — is coming to an end, says Fishman, a Fast Company... Continue Reading →
middle east | Feb 16th, 2011

Think Groupon, Not Facebook: Daron Acemoglu on the Role of Social Networks in The Middle East Uprisings

While many people are quick to dub the protests sweeping the Middle East as “The Facebook Revolutions,” Daron Acemoglu thinks that Groupon might serve as a better analogy. In a recent New York Times article, Acemoglu argues that the real power of social networking tools is their ability to... Continue Reading →
innovation | Feb 16th, 2011

Kindergartners Outperforming MBA's: Tom Wujec's "Marshmallow Challenge"

Innovation speaker Tom Wujec’s “Marshmallow Challenge” is a design experiment that reveals surprising lessons about teamwork, collaboration, and project management. Tom’s experiment sounds simple enough: teams try to build the tallest freestanding structure they can out of 20 sticks of spaghetti... Continue Reading →
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