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corporate culture | Jan 9th, 2020

The Culture Map: INSEAD Professor Erin Meyer Joins Microsoft’s VP for a Fireside Chat

INSEAD professor Erin Meyer’s groundbreaking book The Culture Map may have been published in 2014, but it remains an enduring staple for anyone doing business around the world. What makes the book so timely and relevant? Meyer sits down with Microsoft’s Executive Vice President and President of... Continue Reading →
psychology | Jan 8th, 2020

Inside the Therapist’s Mind: Lori Gottlieb Sits Down with Wal-Mart to Discuss Her Book, Podcast, and Soon-to-Be TV Series

Lori Gottlieb’s critically acclaimed memoir Maybe You Should Talk to Someone is Wal-Mart’s favorite read this month. The psychotherapist and bestselling author sat down with the company to discuss why the book has struck a chord with so many, and what else we can expect from her in 2020.   In... Continue Reading →
politics & society | Jan 8th, 2020

When Fear Replaces Trust: John Ibbitson Reflects on the Uncertainty of Iran for The Globe and Mail

In the not-so-distant past, citizens have rallied around their president in moments of terror and distress. The crisis in Iran feels different. Taking place in the shadow of Donald Trump’s impeachment trial, the current political moment is inspiring more fear than faith. Globe and Mail alum John... Continue Reading →
race | Jan 7th, 2020

Lavin's Top Race Speakers Explore the Past and Present, and Share Their Solutions for the Future

As we enter a new decade, there’s a lot to look forward to—and a lot left to fight for. And unfortunately, racism isn’t a relic of shameful times past—it’s still very much alive today. Here at The Lavin Agency, our Top Race Speakers tackle this tough topic from all angles—public policy, pop culture... Continue Reading →
psychology | Jan 6th, 2020

The “Fresh Start” Effect: Scientist Katherine Milkman Reveals How to Maintain Our Positive Habits in 2020

Whether it’s a new season, new year, or new decade, research shows that we’re drawn to moments that offer us a “fresh start.” Unfortunately, this sense of optimism and spirit of renewal tends to fade over time. How can we maintain our energy for developing new, positive habits well into 2020? Yale... Continue Reading →
corporate culture | Jan 6th, 2020

Why It Pays to Break the Rules: Behavioral Scientist Francesca Gino Offers Advice for Today’s Leaders in Forbes

Rebels get a bad rap, says Harvard professor Francesca Gino, but in fact, there’s much we can learn from the people willing to challenge the status quo. In a new interview with Forbes India, Gino opens up about why it pays to encourage the right kind of rule-breaking in an organization. Francesca... Continue Reading →
technology | Jan 6th, 2020

Fast Company Names Antisocial and The Age of Surveillance Capitalism to Their Must-Read Books on Tech for 2020

Looking back on the decade, it’s easy to pinpoint key tech developments that sparked a massive shift in society and the economy—not the least of which is social media. And leading business publication Fast Company knows better than most what those changes mean—so naturally, they chose Andrew... Continue Reading →
politics & society | Jan 3rd, 2020

“Trumpism is a Threat to the World”: Diane Francis Considers the President’s Re-Election in the Financial Post

President Trump has already slandered congress, discredited the Ukraine allegations, and is pushing for his impeachment trial to be proclaimed as fraud—without hearing from a single witness. Does anyone think his behavior will change upon re-election? Diane Francis predicts it will worsen in her... Continue Reading →
happiness & wellness | Jan 3rd, 2020

Lavin’s Top Happiness & Wellness Speakers Inspire Personal Growth and Positive Change

Everyone wants to be happy and healthy—but it doesn’t come easy. The pressure of performing well at work and having a fulfilling personal life can often be hard to manage—and that’s where Lavin’s Top Happiness & Wellness Speakers come in. Experts in how to actively enhance our inner lives and outer... Continue Reading →
artificial intelligence | Jan 3rd, 2020

Entrepreneur Radhika Dirks Named One of the Top 30 Women Advancing AI in 2019

As the co-founder and CEO of XLabs, Radhika Dirks runs the one and only “moonshot factory” for AI. She truly believes in the technology’s power to elevate our human capabilities, and works hard to make that vision a reality. For her radical and tireless efforts, she has been named one of the Top 30... Continue Reading →
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