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speaker news | Aug 16th, 2022

Get Smarter This Summer: Crucial Books by Lavin Speakers on McKinsey’s Summer Reading List

Curated by Nobel Prize winners, CEOs, founders, and more, McKinsey’s annual summer reading guide spotlights the vital ideas that you’ll want to know more about—including four books on leadership, change, and happiness by Lavin’s brilliant speakers.

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videos | Aug 12th, 2022

Innovate for Communities, Not Individuals: David Robertson on How Cherokee Values Help You Innovate Better

So much of innovation centers around satisfying individual needs and desires. But David, an MIT professor and member of the Cherokee nation, says we need to innovate for community, creating a framework of values that will help us design for what our customers really want.

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new speaker | Aug 10th, 2022

Mapping the Landscape of Artificial Intelligence: Lavin Welcomes Leading AI Scholar Kate Crawford

Kate is the award-winning author of "Atlas of AI," in which she maps out the physical processes that give artificial intelligence form. She knows that AI is a tool—one that can be used to oppress and exploit, or to create a more equitable world.

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speaker interview | Aug 8th, 2022

Our Climate Anxieties Can Actually Help Us Save the Planet: Stanford Fellow Britt Wray on Lavin’s The Big Idea

Britt sat down with Lavin’s Charles Yao to explain how our fears around the climate crisis hold the key to strength and action, kicking off a new video series of sophisticated, insightful in-person interviews.

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new speaker | Aug 4th, 2022

Unrestricted Play Sparks Unrestricted Creativity: Lavin Welcomes Award-Winning Toy Designer Cas Holman

Creator of the world-renowned Rigamajig, Cas designs toys that have no set function or objective. She proves that unfettered play empowers us to learn without fearing failure, work together, and find radical solutions—for kids and adults alike.

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awards and honors | Aug 2nd, 2022

Lavin Speakers at the Emmys: Shalini Kantayya and Sean B. Carroll’s Documentaries Nominated for Emmy Awards

Shalini explores how bias creeps into our machine-learning algorithms, and Sean offers a peek into the everyday lives of bees. Their films were nominated for Outstanding Science and Technology Documentary and Outstanding Nature Documentary, respectively.

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speaker news | Jul 29th, 2022

Building A More Equitable Society with Sunlight, Art, and Education: Bill Strickland on PBS NewsHour

Bill’s arts and training center Manchester Bidwell provides job training to thousands of disadvantaged youth and adult learners. Bill was recently interviewed on PBS NewsHour, where he said that the point of his center is to “cure cancer of the spirit.”

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speaker news | Jul 27th, 2022

Untold Stories of Social Justice Solidarity: Heather McGhee’s New Podcast Based on Bestselling Book

The podcast is an expansion of Heather’s instant New York Times bestseller "The Sum of Us," which explored how we all lose when racism thrives, and we all win when we seek equality. In the podcast, Heather interviews people who are coming together across division to forge a better future.

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speaker news | Jul 22nd, 2022

The Cyber World Is for Everyone: Digital Security Veteran Tarah Wheeler Joins Council on Foreign Relations

Fulbright scholar, author, and former Symantec principal security advocate—Tarah has spent her career demystifying the cyber world for non-tech professionals. As a CFR Senior Fellow for Global Cyber Policy, she’ll help us make sense of policy issues that affect everyone.

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speaker news | Jul 14th, 2022

Just 30 Minutes Can Transform The Way We React to Stress: David Yeager’s New Scientific Study in Nature

A new study in the world’s top scientific journal—co-authored by David, an expert in the psychology of persistence—proves that it only takes half an hour to transform stressful situations into a challenge instead of a threat, sparking energy and motivation.

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