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politics & society | Mar 27th, 2020

In Healing Politics, Epidemiologist Abdul El-Sayed Diagnoses the Epidemic Afflicting America’s Healthcare System

The coronavirus has left a trail of devastation in its wake, most acutely in hospitals all over the world that are struggling to provide care for patients despite dwindling resources and depleted staff. If anything, the virus has exposed how critically underfunded and unprepared the American... Continue Reading →
social justice | Mar 26th, 2020

Age Activist Ashton Applewhite Says Beating Coronavirus Means Confronting Ageism and Ableism

As new coronavirus cases surge and more and more people self-isolate to flatten the curve, the nation’s economy continues to plummet. On Twitter, the suggestion that older people should sacrifice themselves for the sake of the economy is only one indication of how ageism and ableism are being laid... Continue Reading →
trending | Mar 25th, 2020

Tech Reporter Amber Mac Offers Tips for Working from Home on CTV News

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, those lucky enough to be able to work from home have since made the transition— some for the very first time. Amber Mac joined CTV News to offer her top tips for staying productive, connected, and safe while under lockdown.   Conventional wisdom would... Continue Reading →
innovation | Mar 24th, 2020

Culinary Entrepreneur Ellen Bennett Pivots Her Apron Brand Into a Mask Manufacturer Amid the Coronavirus

Ellen Bennett is the founder of Hedley & Bennett, a high-end apron brand beloved by the likes of Martha Stewart and Momofuku's David Chang. In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, Bennett has switched her company from producing sophisticated culinary gear, to manufacturing masks for those at risk... Continue Reading →
innovation | Mar 23rd, 2020

Biotech Entrepreneur Safi Bahcall Explains What the History of Pfizer and Penicillin Teaches Us During the Coronavirus

In his new article for The Wall Street Journal, Loonshots author Safi Bahcall offers us a dose of optimism amid a harrowing newscycle. Industries have come together during times of crisis in the past, shares the bestselling author, and they can do it again for the coronavirus.   “Stories of... Continue Reading →
politics & society | Mar 23rd, 2020

Political Polarization During a Pandemic Will Be Deadly: Jay Van Bavel for The Washington Post

Jay Van Bavel is a professor of Psychology and Neural Science at New York University. He speaks frequently about political polarization and ‘the partisan brain,’ exploring why so many people are willing to put party over policy, and oftentimes, even over truth. In his latest for The Washington Post... Continue Reading →
technology | Mar 20th, 2020

AR Expert Helen Papagiannis Explores How Technology Can Offer a Form of ‘Virtual Tourism’ During Self-Isolation

From our overworked healthcare system, to the forced closures of restaurants, bars, and shops, it’s clear that the COVID-19 pandemic will have dire effects on the global economy— and perhaps no industry will be harder hit than travel and tourism. Helen Papagiannis shares how AR and VR can offer... Continue Reading →
economics | Mar 17th, 2020

The Atlantic's Derek Thompson Investigates How Restaurant Closures Will Affect the Nation's Economy

“A pandemic is war,” writes Derek Thompson in his latest article for The Atlantic. And our response to the biological enemy is a shut-down of public life, from schools to restaurants. Unfortunately, the latter closure especially will have profound effects on the nation’s economy. What we do to... Continue Reading →
change management | Mar 17th, 2020

Futurist Jonathan Brill Envisions Life After the Coronavirus

Citizens around the globe are glued to the news as the coronavirus continues to silently spread. But Jonathan Brill, a gifted futurist who has helped some of the world's leading companies navigate uncertainty, suggests that what we really need to focus on is life after the pandemic. While... Continue Reading →
leadership | Mar 16th, 2020

Legendary Gymnastics Coach Valorie Kondos Field Shares How We Can Reinvent Success on NPR

During her 29-year tenure as UCLA’s Head Gymnastics Coach, Valorie Kondos Field led her team to an astounding seven championship victories. Now, the Pac-12 Coach of the Century shares why creating a supportive environment, rather than a cutthroat one, was essential to her success.   When... Continue Reading →
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