business strategy | June 04, 2013

Your Personal Brand Is Everything You Stand For. Protect It: Debbie Travis

"If you're a functioning human being—you are a brand," business strategy speaker Debbie Travis tells her audiences. "The most important thing you have is your name and who you are." One of the biggest celebrity brands in Canada, Travis knows just how important a name is. In fact, she was made even more aware when she had to buy hers back after signing her popular show to a big network. After years of legal struggle, Travis says she eventually won back the rights to her name. She explains that there's nothing quite like losing possession of your name to make you really value your personal brand.

"Your brand is you—everything you stand for," Travis declares. "So really protect it." Even though no one in the audience raised their hand when she asked if they were a brand, Travis explains that every one of them actually was one. The characteristics and perceptions attached to your name is what makes you a brand. A crucial component of success is ensuring that the associations people have with your brand are positive.

Travis has certainly heeded her own advice. With "Debbie Travis" stamped on everything from television programs to housewares and paint, the entrepreneur turned her name into one of the most recognized in the country. In talks like this one, she mixes personal anecdote with practical advice, drawing on years of business experience, and injecting a dose of lighthearted humour while she does it. A highly sought after speaker in the business world, Travis shares the dos and don'ts of success to help you be prosperous no matter what you decide to attach your brand to.

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