election 2012 | August 27, 2012

Young People "Gotta Vote" Says Celebrity Speaker Kal Penn

Although he's widely known for his role in the Harold and Kumar flicks, celebrity speaker Kal Penn has been spending more of his time these past few years promoting the importance of the youth vote— rather than seeking out the closest White Castle with his on-screen partner-in-crime.

“Particularly for a lot of folks that turned 18 between the last election and now, there's a lot that's at stake,” he said, during a trip to New Mexico last week.

Between acting gigs (such as his role on How I Met Your Mother and in Mira Nair's film The Namesake) Penn has been traveling across the United States to help educate people on voting processes. At each stop, he's been promoting his website gottavote.org as a tool for keeping up-to-date on when, how, and where to vote.

“Whether you're a Democrat, Republican, Independent,” he said, “[the site] has all the voter information there.”

When Penn was working as the Associate Director for The Office for Public Engagement in 2009 he focused on issues that affected the younger populations. This experience, along with his eloquent and charismatic
public persona, helps him to better connect with students, whether they’re politically engaged or apathetic, to the issues that will define their lives in the coming years. In his keynotes, on the radio, and through his various roles, Penn is all about getting young people involved.

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