social change | March 26, 2018

What Can We Learn From the Young Changemakers Marching for Their Lives Right Now?

Young changemakers are fed up, furious and fighting for real reform—and for the first time in decades it might actually happen. How have young people been able to make headway where so many others have failed? Jessica Kriegel, Karim Abouelnaga and Vanessa Grigoriadis speak on the singular power of young voices—at work, on campus, and to change the world.      

Leadership and corporate culture keynote speaker Jessica Kriegel


Jessica Kriegel knows that the reason we create stereotypes is because they make the ambiguous predictable. But putting people in a box, especially young people entering the job market, is extremely harmful—to them, and your organization.  


Jessica Kriegel: Why Do We Create Generational Stereotypes?



Entrepreur and education keynote speaker Karim Abouelnaga


Young entrepreneur Karim Abouelnaga used his entrepreneurial toolbox to fix a social problem, and it worked. In his TED Talk below, named one of Best of 2017 by Business Insider, he explains how he corrected the “summer learning loss”—a phenomenon that hurts low-income children most of all—and solved a problem that no other educator or policy maker could.  


A summer school kids actually want to attend | Karim Abouelnaga



Social change and education keynote speaker Vanessa Grigoriadis


Sexual assault is a huge, complicated problem. Everyone knows they want it to stop, but no one knows how to make that happen. Award-winning investigative journalist Vanessa Grigoriadis embedded herself in college campuses across the country, conducting hundreds of interviews with survivors, parents, administrations—even the accused. In her bestselling book Blurred Lines, she maps out strategies to create safer, happier spaces for young people and makes real progress on a big problem with no clear solution.  


Vanessa Grigoriadis, New York Magazine


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