social media | January 16, 2012

You Are What You Tweet: Amber Mac on Personal Online Branding

“U R What You Tweet.” So says social media speaker Amber Mac in her latest Fast Company article about navigating the potentially treacherous—but rewarding—terrain of building an online personal brand. It’s a hot topic for 2012, and Amber, a TV host, consultant and bestselling author, offers five solid tips that, as with most of her work, should resonate with everyone from students to CEOs.

Here are the steps and highlights from Amber's Fast Company piece:

Have a home base online.
Make sure that you also invest time and energy into your own personal website. . . . Not only is it critical to build this home base, but it's also important to drive traffic back to this site to further educate visitors about what you do (or want to do) for a living.

Be a better blogger.
It's no longer necessary to write multi-paragraph posts, but instead services such as Tumblr make it easy for individuals to share shorter entries or snippets of text that often include photos and other multimedia.

Avoid mobile mistakes.
It's far too easy to make a real-time mistake. . .when networking on the go make sure you carefully review what you're about to push live or, perhaps a better idea, wait until you have a few minutes to review the update without so many mobile distractions.

Never stop networking
Whether it's on LinkedIn or Twitter, find five new people to follow or connect with every day. Make an effort to share something these people have posted or, a simple task, reach out and say hello.

Adopt new services.
While it's not critical to jump on every newly launched service, it can help to choose two or three of the most popular services and then every few months try a new platform on for size.