u.s. politics | March 02, 2018

“America is Not a Democracy,” says Harvard professor Yascha Mounk in His Upcoming Book. But It’s Not Too Late to Change.

Democracy is in decline in the West, especially among young people. They don’t trust their politicians and they don’t see themselves reflected in policy. Harvard professor Yascha Mounk’s new book The People vs. Democracy (recently excerpted in The Atlantic) explores this alarming phenomenon—and according to a glowing Kirkus review, proposes “provocative…optimistic…reasonable remedies,” to combat it.

As a speaker, Mounk’s plain, captivating language illuminates the very real ways that liberal democracy is being threatened every day. He goes beyond the basic description of populism—masses mobilized against a perceived elite—to describe both how we arrived at the Trump administration, and where we can go from here.


His keynotes are timely, necessary, important; they probe at the knot of economics, ethnicity, technology, insecurity, and media that brought us to this point, and demonstrate exactly how we can fix it: by asking questions, taking nothing for granted, and standing up for what’s right.

Why Young Americans Are Questioning Democracy


The People vs. Democracy comes out on March 5th. To book Yascha Mounk, or another keynote speaker on U.S. and Global Politics, contact The Lavin Agency.  

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