stem | March 15, 2018

These Women in STEM Are Forging a Path for the Younger Generation

These women are the trailblazers; the changemakers; the inspiration for a new generation of girls to follow their dreams and continue to transform the demographics of STEM (science, tech, engineering and math.) In talks they champion the need for diversity in these fields and explain exactly why and how it will result in boundless progress. 

The world’s got big problems. We need as many different perspectives and skills as possible to solve them says Ellen Stofan, planetary geologist and Chief Scientist for NASA from 2013. 


The Path to Mars - NASA's Exploration Programme



At Autodesk—a world leader in software tech—the most qualified person to lead 3,500 engineers and transform company culture isn’t yet another male engineer. It’s liberal arts major Minette Norman, who’s management has transformed the company’s culture.   

Transformational Leadership: Why We're Wired for Empathy


Tarah Wheeler may not look like your idea of a “hacker” but she was the cybersecurity czar at one of the world’s leading cybersecurity firms with over $4 billion in sales, and literally wrote the book on Women in Tech.  


Tarah Wheeler NEXTECH 2016 - I've Got Your Back. Will You Have Mine?


To book Ellen Stofan, Minette Norman, Tarah Wheeler or another incredible STEM speaker, contact The Lavin Agency.   

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