entertainers | September 07, 2015

Wicked-Smart Comedy: Introducing The Debaters Live

CBC’s The Debaters—the hit radio show where comedians debate, and the audience adjudicates—is also a live performance series pitch-perfect for light-hearted events. With veteran comic Steve Patterson playing host, and two of the country’s top comedians squaring off on a topical, extremely important issue (think “Salt vs. Pepper” or “Toddlers vs. Teens”), The Debaters Live packs a charming combination of smarts, laughs, and fully customizable comedy.

One of the act’s most appealing qualities is that themes and subjects can be honed to suit any organization, giving it a far more personal touch than what many comedy acts or keynote speakers can provide. Here, audience participation is a must: crowds have the final say, after all, over which debater emerges triumphant. After years of making live audiences happy, Patterson and the gang have the format and execution down to a science. That means The Debaters Live promises professional delivery from professional comics who know exactly how to charm a crowd, large or small or somewhere in between. 

With past guests including no-introduction-needed names like Scott Thompson, Mary Walsh, Sean Cullen, and Marc Maron, it’s no wonder why The Debaters’ radio broadcast draws nearly 750,000 listeners each week. And with its instant name recognition and patently Canadian brand of humour, the live version promises even more fun. An absolute must for end-of-year gatherings, fundraisers, kickoffs and celebrations, The Debaters Live guarantees an original, intelligent spin on something uniquely absurd.

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