the information | August 21, 2012

Why the Cloud Sucks: Innovation Speaker Steve Wozniak

Innovation speaker Steve Wozniak doesn’t like the cloud. In an article for Gizmodo, the co-founder of Apple Computers tells a tale of woe where most of the important information he had stored on his Google calendar was wiped out—thanks to a glitchy system update. Depending on something so easy to use, and so convenient, came at a price, and Wozniak laments that he's become extremely disheartened with the instability of the system we use to store our most important information.

“I’ve come to a depressed state of feeling that I own nothing on the cloud and have no ability to keep things working the way they do,” he writes, with his typical forthright delivery.

With the immense amount of information floating up in the cloud, Wozniak says, there should be better safeguards to ensure that what we put out there, stays there. He suggests better regulation and even allowing users to own a piece of the cloud. This will perhaps give users some sense of security in knowing that if information is lost, there will be accountability. Since helping found Apple Computers in California, Wozniak has never shied from speaking up about new technologies and the way they enhance, and sometimes meddle, with our lives.