motivation | October 06, 2013

Why The Audience "Loved Every Minute" Of a Leadership Talk By Speaker Drew Dudley

Drew Dudley, a motivational speaker who takes a novel approach to leadership, just gave a keynote at the BlissDom Canada 2013 conference. The event was developed to bring Canadian bloggers, social media specialists, and relevant brands and agency professionals together to discover new ways to connect and succeed in the community (both online and off). Dudley was a hit with conference planners and attendees alike, eliciting a flood of positive feedback about his presentation.

Here's what a member of the BlissDom team has to say about Dudley's speech:

"Drew blew us away. We had 400+ people at the event and usually, by Saturday afternoon, we've lost a lot to distractions—hanging out with friends, gone off to do sponsor stuff, whatever. But on Saturday afternoon at 3:30, we still had most attendees eagerly awaiting the last session.

Within five minutes, Drew had the place in stitches. Within 10 minutes, he had the place in tears.

He pulled out every story he had, I think. He worked with the audience and challenged them. He fed off their energy and they off his. He managed to take every lesson, every learning, everything we'd said over the last two days and bring it home. There was not a dry eye in the place. When he sat down, the audience stood up and would probably still be applauding if he hadn't said it was getting embarrassing. It was, beyond a doubt, the perfect ending to our conference. Drew is an absolute gem."

The audience was also enamored by his presentation and took to Facebook to share their overwhelmingly positive feedback:

  • "He is amazing, awe-inspiring, and makes you think in a whole new way."
  • "Breathtakingly beautiful. Honest, touching, and with the right amount of humour to offset the vast amount of tears streaming from almost everyone in the room. Truly inspiring."
  • "Thought-provoking and funny. A perfect balance."
  • "Phenomenal! As most said, hilarious and inspiring."
  • "Incredible—belly-laughs to tears—inspiring!"
  • "So amazing—loved very minute came home and watched some of his YouTube clips. I'd love to watch his...presentation again. And again."

To book Drew Dudley for your next conference or other keynote speaking engagement, contact The Lavin Agency.

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