ted speakers | August 10, 2015

Why Groups Like ISIS Are Popular (and How to Stop Them): Benedetta Berti's TED Talk

From a western perspective, groups like ISIS, Hezbollah, and Hamas seem to use force and intimidation to secure their power. But as Dr. Benedetta Berti explains in her new TED Talk, the truth is much more nuanced. When states can’t provide safety and security, today’s rebel groups rise to the challenge. They set up schools, hospitals, loans, and even garbage collection, winning over local populations in the process. Berti, a renowned security and conflict management expert, insists that we need to address the gaps that allow these groups to thrive. ISIS and similar groups provide vital support systems and, in turn, fill a role that, traditionally, the state has played. Berti suggests that by setting up long-term investments in governments, and making a return to adequate support from the state, we'll hold the key to ending rebel rule in war-torn areas.

In her talks, Dr. Benedetta Berti addresses everything from the Israel-Palestine conflict to the Syrian civil war, shedding new light on war, conflict, and terrorism. To book Dr. Benedetta Berti as the keynote speaker for your next event, contact The Lavin Agency speakers bureau.

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