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Why Business Should Pay Attention to the Bacon Trend: David Sax

Cupcakes, cronuts, and the bacon we’re suddenly compelled to wrap around everything we eat are all part of our ever-evolving “edible zeitgeist,” says food trend expert David Sax. The author of The Tastemakers focuses his keen eye on the rapid deployment of trends that shape how we eat—delving into some of the takeaways in this new video, embedded above.

Sax says we’re at a new and exciting stage for food trends—one fuelled by social media and the rapid organic explosion of hot new “it” foods.

LA restaurateur Roy Choi's journey from corner taco truck owner to national sensation in a matter of months thanks to the power of Twitter is seen as a touchpoint moment by Sax. Viral sharing of where Choi would park his truck in the heyday of food trucks, tacos, and cultural mashup foods quickly led to two-hour long lineups of people wanting to participate in a cultural phenomenon. “It’s not just about how good does this taste, but ‘I have to be there…I couldn’t have gone to Woodstock, but I ate a kalbi taco’,” jokes Sax.

In the past the trend process would have taken a long time—assuming the conditions were just right—having a steady stream of word-of-mouth, and the right publication alerting its audience. Today’s instantly socially connected food culture means everything is transmitted in real-time. Businesses simply need to tune in quickly and stay tuned in to not be left out of the next big food trend cycle.

In entertaining, eye-opening talks, Sax introduces us to the economic and cultural impact of what's on our plate and in our pantry. To book David Sax as a speaker, please contact The Lavin Agency.

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