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Why 3,000 Meeting Planners Gave Speaker Candy Chang a Standing Ovation

Last month, visual artist Candy Chang received a standing ovation from a group of 3,000 corporate meeting planners in Las Vegas. The audience was incredibly moved by not only the message Chang presented, but the way her words resonated within them. David Lavin, President of The Lavin Agency Speakers Bureau, was in the crowd when Chang delivered her presentation. In a city known for grandiosity, he says Candy Chang was "the next big thing." Why? "Really, why people were standing wasn't just because of what she said—it was how she made them feel," Lavin explains. "She made you feel that so much can be done, so much needs to be done, and that you have the power, by doing something small, to create monumental change in your life and your community." That's the message event planners and meeting planners are looking for when booking speakers.

Earlier this summer, The Wall Street Journal published a piece on trends in the keynote speaking industry. They reported that ideas and life experience are the biggest draws for buyers looking to book a speaker. Planners want to hire a speaker who can bring fresh perspective to their industry while entertaining the crowd. As Lavin said in the article, "It's not just telling someone else to go out and do something. [Speakers] are saying, 'Look what I'm doing. It's pretty cool. What are you doing?'" Candy Chang and Lavin's range of diverse speakers do just that.
To book Candy Chang for your next conference or event, contact The Lavin Agency.

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