economics | November 29, 2016

Where Do We Really Stand on Hot-Button Issues? Just Ask Shachi Kurl, Executive Director of the Angus Reid Institute

Which issues—political, economic, or cultural—do we really care about in 2016? In lively talks, and with a down-to-earth “kitchen table” approach, Angus Reid Executive Director Shachi Kurl tells us what we truly think—and where we’re headed. 

Kurl has her finger firmly on the pulse of public opinion. Where do we stand on job creation? Healthcare? What about immigration, education, entertainment? Public polls distill these wide-ranging concepts down to cold, hard numbers, and Kurl, in turn, tells us what they really mean. At Angus Reid, she studies opinion trends through a paradigm she calls “ripples, waves, and tides”—minor, major, and grand-scale studies of our beliefs and values. And taken together, they paint a vivid picture of what matters to us today.


As a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization, Angus Reid doesn’t answer to government or private interests. This leaves Kurl free to examine trends without bias—political, corporate, or otherwise. In the video below, she explains—with clarity and wit—why Justin Trudeau’s strategy resonated more with people than Stephen Harper’s in last year’s Canadian election.

Shachi Kurl: How Justin Trudeau Won the Election


Futhermore, Kurl speaks to professional women about the benefits of embracing risk. In the modern workplace, visible barriers to women’s advancement still abound: gender discrimination, the still-present pay gap, and “boys’ club” industries, to name a few. But Kurl has identified a less visible hurdle that many women fail to jump—they have a “risk-averse” mentality, often instilled from an early age. Taking calculated risks, as she did, jumping from TV journalist to lobbyist to pollster, is a crucial, under-recognized skill.


Public opinion may seem hard to pin down, but Kurl makes it both engaging and widely relevant. Charismatic, bright, and surprisingly funny, she breathes life into the data—and helps your audience come away knowing so much more about themselves.


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