open | August 20, 2012

What Happens Online Matters: Public Policy Speaker David Eaves

With the Internet world and the “real world” being more intertwined than ever, and the lines between the two becoming more blurred, public policy speaker David Eaves says that what happens online is just as important as what happens offline. In response to a Globe and Mail editorial about the serious nature of online death threats, Eaves blogs that what happens on the Web should not be taken lightly.

“For many of us, we've known for a long time that what happens online matters,” Eaves writes, “it's why we care so much about the virtual space and demand it be taken seriously.”

If we truly support the transparency and open forum that the Web provides us, the importance of which Eaves speaks to regularly, then we also need to hold online activity to the same standards as “real world” activity. Online communication is a real form of interaction—and what we do in that space holds the same implications as what we do beyond the computer screen.

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