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“Creative courage is more than a strategy. It’s a way of life”: How Welby Altidor Made Innovation Happen at Cirque du Soleil

For 15 years, Welby Altidor helped lead one of the most innovative artistic organizations in the world—Cirque de Soleil. In Creative Courage, the former Executive Creative Director shares practical keys to creativity that will revitalize the way you collaborate, ideate, and make big things happen.

Creative Courage rekindled every ounce of inquisitiveness from the darker shadows of my soul.”

— Executive Director, MIT Leadership Center

During his tenure, Altidor served as Director of Creation for Michael Jackson ONE, an extravagent multimedia celebration that is currently in residence in Las Vegas. Now, he parlays that firsthand knowledge into a plainspoken guide to fostering creativity in yourself. Chapter by chapter, Altidor challenges us to evade comfortable choices in favor of breaking through to the new. 


Creative courage is more than a strategy, it’s a way of life, he says. It opens your mind – and the minds of those around you – to new approaches, new ideas, and new schools of thought that can revolutionize the way you work. This book invites you to experience the freedom and power at the intersection of courage and creativity. 

If you work independently or as part of a team, are self-employed or with  a larger company, Altidor’s fresh perspective in his book and talks will give you the courage and incentive to think differently about the work (and art) you want to do. 


Creative Courage: Leveraging Imagination, Collaboration, and Innovation to Create Success Beyond Your Wildest Dreams is out today from Wiley


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