leadership | October 29, 2012

We Stand On Guard: Leadership Speaker General Rick Hillier

Gen.Tom Lawson, Canada's new chief of defence staff, has big shoes to fill. In writing about the news, CNEWS also recounted the formidable leadership and accomplishments of Gen. Rick Hillier, the former chief of defence. Gen. Hillier, the country's most recent top general, made tough but effective decisions during his time in the role and his outgoing and charismatic personality earned him the respect of not only his troops—but of the nation, CNEWS writes. Holding the position between 2005 and 2008, Gen. Hillier helped lead the country through tumultuous times while troops waged a long and grueling war in Afghanistan.

"Gen. Rick Hillier...was a quote machine and a favourite for the TV cameras," CNEWS says of his personality. "His popularity sometimes caused headaches for his political masters, but the troops loved him." Further, they note that Gen. Hillier, "did much to advance the cause of uniformed men and women with [his] own outsized [personality]." His bond with his troops is a testament to his exceptional leadership style. His essential lessons on leadership have made him a highly sought after speaker and his book, Leadership: 50 Points of Wisdom for Today's Leaders, is a staple for anyone looking to take the next step in life.  As one of the country's most respected and influential public figures, Gen. Hillier is an in-demand leadership speaker who presents audiences with the inspiration and strategies needed to turn anyone into an effective leader.

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