war child | August 14, 2012

We Need to Make Syria a Top Priority: Humanitarian Speaker Samantha Nutt

Samantha Nutt, the founder of War Child, recently spoke with Peter Mansbridge and a collection of other experts about the situation in Syria. Appearing on CBC’s The National, she addressed the differences between Syria and recent events in Egypt and Libya, and the potential dangers to individuals living in the region. Given the lack of clear leadership in the segmented group of insurgents, she said, even if they topple the current regime, it may lead to greater troubles in the future.

With an eye towards the human cost of this struggle, Samantha Nutt speaks to offering greater humanitarian aid to the region. She believes that this ought to be the country’s highest priority, given that continued difficulties in international diplomacy ensure that the effects of this political situation will be felt by the people on the ground for some time to come. With over twenty years of experience working in combat zones, Dr. Nutt's work aims to provide aid to war-affected children. In her recent book, Damned Nations, which was a #1 national bestseller, she recapped her two decades in the field. On stage, she speaks of her experiences with passion and pragmatism, showing that social change is both an achievable goal and a road to cultivating meaning in our work and everyday lives.

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