corporate culture | January 14, 2020

Tap Into Your Giving Network with Wayne Baker’s New Book All You Have To Do Is Ask—Out Today!

Asking for help when we need it is a crucial aspect of success, says Management Professor Wayne Baker—so why are we so reluctant to do it? Motivated by a quest to find proven, practical, and effective tools to overcome the obstacles to asking, Baker translated his award-winning research from the University of Michigan into a helpful guide. 

Imagine you’re struggling to solve a complex problem at work, or you’re feeling overwhelmed by a tight project deadline. Would you ask for help? Most of us would probably continue to try and get the job done on our own. Perhaps we don’t want to look incompenent in front of our colleagues, or maybe we doubt that anyone would come to our aid. Unfortunately, our unwillingness to ask for help is only hurting our chances for success, says Wayne Baker. Research shows that asking for help not only solves problems, it also reduces our frustration at work, helps us find new opportunities faster, and sparks the types of  fresh, innovative ideas that organizations crave.


In his new book All You Have To Do Is Ask, Baker offers us numerous tools—favored by companies from Google to GM—that transform asking for help from an uncomfortable burden, to an advantageous skill and catalyst for success.


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