politics | October 29, 2013

Washington’s Not Dysfunctional—It’s Actively Destructive: This Town’s Mark Leibovich [VIDEO]

“It’s great to be here. It’s great to be out of Washington,” Mark Leibovich told a crowd at Rutgers University earlier this month. He was speaking during the height—well, nadir—of the government shutdown, and if anyone deserved some distance from that town, it’s Leibovich. This politics speaker spent the last three years writing This Town, the fearless #1 New York Times bestseller that looks at the dark culture of corruption in “America’s Gilded Capital,” and which has gone further than any other new book in actually naming the names.

“Washington is not just dysfunctional—it is actively destructive,” Leibovich said. “Washington is a stew of vanity and egotism, and people working on behalf of their own self-service as opposed to public service, which is what this city was supposedly built on.” In the video above, Leibovich talks about the book’s genesis, its controversial reception, and where America, as a country, might go from here. [Mark enters at 4:29]

In funny—yet seriously insightful—keynotes, Leibovich takes on Washington and everyone in it. A bestselling author and award-winning journalist, he provides commentary on a political system transformed by wealth, new media, and celebrity. To book Mark Leibovich as a speaker, contact The Lavin Agency Speakers Bureau.

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