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Want to Become an Expert? Hear New Speaker Anders Ericsson, the World’s Foremost Authority on Top Performance

What makes someone an expert? Is it inborn talent? Years of study? Accolades and credentials? To Anders Ericsson, the world’s foremost authority on expertise, and author of the book Peak, it all comes down to deliberate, purposeful practice—around 10,000 hours of it.

We tend to think of star performers—top athletes, musical prodigies, chess Grandmasters—as untouchable, uniquely gifted human beings. But as Ericsson has discovered, we’re all capable of excellence. All it takes is a new approach to learning, and Ericsson lays it bare in Peak: Secrets from the New Science of Expertise. It’s a counterintuitive guide to mastering anything in any discipline—at work, at school, or in your leisure time.


Ericsson is most famous for his research into the “10,000-Hour Rule” of mastery, simplified and used as the backbone of Malcolm Gladwell’s bestselling book Outliers. But peak performance is not achieved just by racking up the hours, he says. In any activity you’re trying to master, you need to constantly probe for weak spots, fortifying them until they match the stronger aspects of your game. In other words, we’re not just talking about practice.

Anders Ericsson on the science of expertise | Larry King Now | Ora.TV


Ericsson’s research—based out of Florida State University, where he is Conradi Eminent Scholar and Professor of Psychology—examines expert performers in music, chess, nursing, law enforcement, and sports, teasing out the complex cognitive mechanisms and physiological adaptations gained through years of deliberate practice. His work has gathered widespread acclaim: he’s been featured in cover stories in The New York Times, Scientific American, Time, Fortune, and The Wall Street Journal, and has given keynotes before conferences of surgeons, musicians, teachers, clinical psychologists, and pro sports organizations such as the Philadelphia Eagles and Manchester City F.C.


If you’ve read Gladwell, you’ve heard of “10,000 hours.” An Anders Ericsson keynote gives you the full picture.


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