web 2.0 and social media | October 30, 2012

Vision Critical: Social Media Expert Alexandra Samuel Takes On A New Role

Social media expert Alexandra Samuel is adding another position to her powerhouse resume: working with Vision Critical. In a recent post on her blog, she announced that she would regrettably be leaving her position at the Emily Carr University of Art + Design in order to take on a more prominent role with the Vancouver-based research and technology solutions company. The company, which Samuel first worked with back in 2005, just completed the largest study on social media usage to date.

In Samuel's post, she explains that the study (a joint venture between Emily Carr University and Vision Critical) produced new findings on the differences between active and passive social media users. Mainly, that active users are more likely to be concerned with their appearance and being on-trend than their less-active (or "lurker") counterparts—both in their online and offline lives. Further, that "sharers" are more likely to be premium shoppers and be influential in deciding on company budgets, whereas "lurkers" tend to shop based on value.

"The research left me newly inspired with the possibilities for harnessing online conversation," Samuel writes. "Social media can not only help us hear what customers, members and citizens have to say; it can help us understand why they are saying it." Understanding customer intelligence online is an invaluable tool to companies today. With years of experience blogging at The Harvard Business Review and The Atlantic, and speaking to audiences about the topic, Samuel will undoubtedly be an invaluable asset to Vision Critical. Her research and intriguing talks on the digital world help businesses and individuals navigate their online lives, and learn from the behaviour of their customers and peers.

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