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The Reason Why 80% of Attendees at Our Virtual Conference Said the Networking Was Better Than a Live Event

The trickiest part of pivoting to a virtual event from a live one is maintaining the sense of connection and community among the audience. Yet after our first-ever virtual conference, we’re happy to report that 80% of attendees said that the post-event networking sessions were as good, or better, than the last live event they attended! How did we do it? Continue reading for a best-practices guide to virtual event networking.  

Many businesses have the technology to pull off a high-quality broadcast. But putting on a virtual event is more than just production. To create an event that is truly seamless, engaging, and memorable requires a lot of intentionality and knowledge behind-the-scenes. Having produced one of the world’s largest virtual speaking events—with over six hours of programming and 15,000 attendees—The Lavin Agency has emerged as a global leader in this space. Here, we share some of our expertise for bringing a human element in a virtual realm.


Invest in a Quality Host: Hosting is more than just asking questions! Especially in these virtual times, the host is really the linchpin of your event. They keep the dialogue moving in the right direction, manage time effectively, and integrate audience participation in a way that feels inclusive and authentic. Perhaps most importantly, the host will moderate the post-event networking to ensure that the conversation is direct, meaningful, and gets people thinking—long after the event is over. The goal of an event is for people to make connections. A great host makes that possible. At The Lavin Agency, we work with world-class speakers who have moderated hundreds of Q&A’s, fireside chats, and broadcast experiences. They’re the people who really think about communication: why it matters, how we can improve, and what the business objectives are. Don’t underestimate their contribution to your event.


Plan Your Post-Event Reception: Having an intentional program for your post-event networking is essential to its success. Throwing people in a room together might work in-person, but it’s a guaranteed recipe for disaster when it comes to virtual events. As part of our virtual event planning package, The Lavin Agency will help you determine your over-arching goals, manage your schedule, and create the conditions for truly fruitful conversations to occur.


Create Numerous Opportunities For Engagement: At The Lavin Agency, we carefully considered how to work the audience directly into our event—so that they weren’t merely spectators, but active participants. It not only made the whole event more engaging; it also helped facilitate better conversations during the Zoom reception that followed. Each method for communicating throughout the event served as a conversational touch-point throughout the networking sessions. Remembering that communicating is not a one-size-fits-all affair, we made sure to have various methods for people to connect throughout. It offered variety, diversity of perspective, and visual engagement.


For help producing your next virtual event, contact The Lavin Agency today, a global leader in virtual event production.

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