news | March 29, 2011

Virginia Heffernan Joins The New York Times Op-Ed Pages

Lavin speaker Virginia Heffernan will join The New York Times Opinion Pages starting Monday, she told AdWeek. Previous to joining the Op-Ed section, Virginia wrote The Medium column for The New York Times Magazine and also served as the television critic for the Times. A provocative thinker and a gifted stylist, Virginia has written everything from a New Yorker profile of Tina Fey (it’s incredible) to a Medium column dedicated to the particular tone that old telephones make (ditto!). Presently, she’s working on a book, Magic and Loss: The Pleasures of the Internet, for Free Press. She’s also a sought-after speaker on our particular cultural moment, in which digital technologies have subsumed our previously analog world. She explores the anxieties of what’s been lost during this historic transition, as well as the pleasures of what’s been gained. Congrats, Virginia!

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