science | November 14, 2013

VIDEO: Lavin Keynote Speakers Talk Creativity at PopTech 2013

The 2013 PopTech conference in Camden, Maine, focused on the theme "Sparks of Brilliance." Several Lavin speakers spoke at the popular event, each with their own unique take on the concept of creativity.

Above, psychologist and author of Ungifted Scott Barry Kaufman unravels the origins of human creativity, and clears up the confusion surrounding left brain vs. right brain thinking.

Next, sociologist and author of Going Solo Eric Klinenberg discusses how a dramatic increase in living single is the biggest unnamed modern social trend:

TED Fellow and designer Anab Jain talks about design in a future world of insect cyborgs, mass surveillance, DNA monetization and guerilla infrastructure:

Innovation expert and author of Brick by Brick David Robertson uses LEGO’s tumultuous business history to describe the delicate balance between creativity and constraints:

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