politics | October 23, 2012

Understanding War: Foreign Policy Speaker Andrew Bacevich Is "Not To Be Missed"

"There are certain qualities that make the United States of America a special place, a wonderful place — a place worthy of a patriot's love," foreign policy speaker Andrew Bacevich says, "but it does not follow that other countries, other cultures somehow have to exist in a subordinate position relative to the United States." In a talk at the University of Missouri that the Vietnam veteran gave earlier this month, he stressed how important it is to question the aims of war. A proud retired colonel himself, Bacevich stresses that despite the satisfaction and deep meaning that serving one's country provides, most soldiers ultimately hope for peace. Also, that deep patriotism and the sacrifices made by those soldiers further supports the need to fully understand military practices and scrutinize American foreign policy.

The talk, like many of his others, was a hit. In a pre-speech writeup from the Columbia Daily Tribune about Bacevich and his work, the author said that his speech was one "not to be missed," and that his books, especially Washington Rules: America's Permanent Path To War, were "compelling." Currently a Professor of International Relations and History at Boston University, Bacevich devotes a great deal of his time to writing, researching and speaking about the "Washington Rules" that are so deeply entrenched in American military strategy. These military policies are so permanent that no leader to date has been able to change them. He believes that economics, the military and politics are deeply connected and his work outlines where each of these is failing, and how we can fix these problems before they cripple America's future.

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