relationships | November 15, 2012

Uncoupled: A New Talk From Kate Bolick About The Benefits Of Singledom

Although Kate Bolick's "All The Single Ladies" article is reminiscent of the popular Beyoncé song—the only thing they have in common is the title. While Beyonce's Single Ladies want men to "put a ring on it," Bolick argues that being single's not all that bad and she doesn't necessarily think there's any rush to get married. In fact, in her new, upcoming talk at The University of Wisconsin-Madison, Bolick and fellow author Michael Cobb will argue that there are actually benefits to remaining single that are often overlooked.

Similar to topics raised in her blockbuster Atlantic article (which has been purchased by CBS with the option to turn it into a network television show that she will co-produce), Bolick will address the way relationships have been changing over the past 30 years in her talk. The Humanities Without Boundaries talk—titled "Uncoupled"—will feature points raised in her article and in Cobb's book, Single: Arguments for the Uncoupled. Bolick will also be adding a new book to her repertoire, as Among the Suitors: Single Women I Have Loved is forthcoming from Crown. Similar to the style she enacts in her writing for publications like The New York Times, The Atlantic, and Slate, Bolick's talks are accessible and offer the perfect balance of personal anecdote and research. She is relatable, lively, and exposes audiences to a new era of dating: where the couple isn't king and success isn't always defined by a person's marital status.

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