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The Top Happiness & Wellness Speakers of 2022

Good health, both mental and physical, isn’t just nice to have in the workplace—it’s the key to increased productivity, motivation, and creativity for workers and leaders in every context. Our top happiness and wellness speakers offer innovative, practical strategies that you can use to help everyone in your organization perform at their highest level, all the time. If you want your employees to develop resilience and dodge burnout, these speakers’ insights are must-haves in this year and the next.

Kristin Neff

There’s a secret superpower that can help you thrive in high-stress, high-stakes environments—and it’s as simple as being kind to yourself. Kristin Neff was the first person ever to empirically research self-compassion. A pioneering scientist in inner strength training, she has created an actionable guide that’s scientifically proven to increase motivation, boost resilience, and improve mental health. Her talks are full of practical exercises that everyone in your organization can use to tap into the power of self-compassion.


Cassie Holmes

We often think we don’t have enough hours in a day. But superstar UCLA professor and bestselling author Cassie Holmes says we don’t need more time—we just need to make the most of the time we have. Drawing on her original research and her book Happier Hour, Cassie gives you practical ways to rethink and restructure your schedule, helping you find more motivation and happiness, while giving you time for the things that really matter. Her insights are vital for the busy world of 2022 and 2023.


Johann Hari

If you’re finding yourself distracted and unfocused, Johann Hari can help. In his New York Times bestseller Stolen Focus—named Amazon’s top nonfiction title of the year—he reveals why we can’t seem to pay attention anymore, and how we can reclaim our minds and our ability to think deeply again. In his talks, Johann can show you how to take back your flow state and be more present at work and in everyday life—crucial for anyone who wants to become more focused, productive, and creative.


Emily Esfahani Smith

Work doesn’t have to be a slog. Emily Esfahani Smith says that we can find purpose in the workplace and become more motivated, engaged, and fulfilled—and it all starts with finding meaning. Drawing on her book The Power of Meaning, as well as her popular TED Talk and viral Atlantic article, Emily shows leaders how to create a culture where people find purpose in what they do, and she shows employees the tangible changes they can make to become more fulfilled at work.  


Vijay Gupta

In moments of crisis, we can find creative ways to spark connection, healing, and belonging. Vijay Gupta is the founder of Street Symphony, an organization bringing music and art to America’s most disadvantaged communities. He shows us how to infuse creativity into everything that we do—from leadership to teamwork—and create a culture where everyone can belong. Vijay’s unique insights can help you build creativity and innovation into your organization at every level. 

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