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Top Cybersecurity Speakers: Protecting Your Digital Well-Being in the Modern Age

In an interconnected world, digital literacy and cybersecurity are so much more than the domain of IT professionalsthey’re the underpinning of our very democracy. Lavin’s Top Cybersecurity Speakers are experts in defending the most precious resource of the twenty-first century from hacks, cyber crime, and manipulation.

MIT Media Lab advisor Michael Casey believes that our 20th-century institutions are ill-equipped to handle the chaos of our decentralized, online existence. He looks to other decentralized systems, such as blockchain, to help us to reclaim our agency and revitalize our aging instutions. In his talks, he reveals how algorithms create new models of economic prosperity based on the principles of transparency, objectivity, and integrity.


Michael Casey  - Senior Advisor for Blockchain Opportunities, MIT


Cybersecurity analyst Laura Galante is a staunch believer in the importance of cyber securityand digital literacyin upholding our democracy. A trusted authority on all things cyberspace, Galante has appeared on media from CNN to the BBC, making sense of a notoriously difficult subject. Her talks offer a practical guide to understanding and protecting oneself from the dangers lurking in the digital sphere.


Laura Galante: How to exploit democracy | TED Talk


Cybersecurity is everyone’s problem. One of America’s leading cybersecurity experts Tarah Wheeler helps CEOs and business owners secure themselves and their customers from devastating information breaches. Formerly the Senior Director of Engineering at Symantec, and now Cybersecurity Policy Fellow at New America, Wheeler is a seasoned industry veteran who helps audiences develop comprehensive plans to protect their greatest assets.


Tarah Wheeler NEXTECH 2016 - I've Got Your Back. Will You Have Mine?


As the Director of Cyberspace and Digital Policy Program at Council on Foreign Relations, Adam Segal identifies cyber threats at every level. From the intricacies of U.S./China cyber relations, to the personal threats faced by companies and individuals, Segal’s talks discuss the race for cyber solutions both nationally and internationallyand what we should be doing to defend our information the meantime. 


Dr. Adam Segal on The US and China in cyberspace: competing interests, evolving strategies


Information is currency in our interconnected world, but who controls the narrative? Investigative reporter and co-founder of award-winning news organization The Intercept Jeremy Scahill believes that independent, non-profit media is the key to maintaining truth in an era of surveillance and control. He regularly reports on issues that are commonly erased from mainstream media, such as foreign policy and war crimes, and offers advice for people seeking privacy in the digital age.


Jeremy Scahill


Smart devices and social networks may make life easier, but they come with a hefty price: our personal information. Armed with unprecedented amounts of data, Big Tech can not only predict, but also manipulate and exploit our behaviors to their economic advantage. In her talks, as well as her book The Age of Surveillance Capitalism, sociologist Shoshana Zuboff explains how we can resist, leveraging our data to create a more fair and equitable society.


What Is Surveillance Capitalism? | Shoshana Zuboff


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