cryptocurrency & blockchain | July 03, 2019

Top Blockchain Speakers Michael Casey and Amber Baldet Are Building the Future of Finance

A decentralized means of record-keeping, blockchain has revolutionized digital ownership in the twenty-first century. The benefits of the technology range from preventing human fallibility and corruption, to guarding our data against cyber attacks. Lavin speakers Michael Casey and Amber Baldet stand at the frontier of the blockchain revolution: developing, charting, and implementing the future of finance, one digital link at a time. 

The analog institutions of the twentieth century are no match for the digital revolutionand as a result, our faith in them is waning. Finance expert Michael Casey believes the path to rebuilding trust is through a decentralized system. An MIT Media Lab advisor and notable blockchain speaker, Casey presents an attractive alternative to our current infrastructure using software and algorithms.

Michael Casey  - Senior Advisor for Blockchain Opportunities, MIT


With precision and transparency, blockchain speaker Amber Baldet has a knack for demystifying a traditionally foggy subject. A former blockchain program lead at JP morgan, Baldet is now the CEO of Clovyra startup striving to make the technology useful and valuable for everyone. Named one of the New York Time’s “People Leading the Blockchain Revolution,” Baldet’s talks invigorate crowds to action by bridging the gap between corporate and hacker audiences.

Public Blockchain is Changing the Trust Model | Amber Baldet


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