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The Top 5 Innovation Speakers of 2022

In the fast-paced world of 2022 (and 2023!), innovation has never been more crucial. Whether we’re trying to adapt to a shifting industry or establish a competitive edge, learning how to leverage disruption is the key to success. Our top innovation speakers have the strategies you’ll need to keep ahead of the trends. They’ll show you how to harness change and find opportunity, this year and the next.

Neil Hoyne

Data offers companies a vast array of new opportunities in every area from marketing to customer relationships. Neil Hoyne, Google’s Chief Measurement Strategist and author of Converted, can show you how to take advantage of it. Neil has led over 2500 engagements with the world’s biggest advertisers, helping them acquire millions of customers and generate billions in revenue. His practical talks will give you the tools you need to use data in the right way, for innovation and long-term success.


Stephanie Mehta

The world is changing more rapidly by the day. But we can move even faster, by learning how to not only deal with disruption, but build it into everything we do. In her time as editor in chief of Fast Company (the most influential business magazine of its generation), Stephanie Mehta learned innovation firsthand from the heads of the most successful companies in the world. She draws takeaways from the world’s most brilliant minds to show you how to adapt to the pace of the future.


Jeremy Gutsche

Described as an “intellectual can of Red Bull,” Jeremy Gutsche is one of the most requested innovation consultants on the planet. He’s helped everyone from Google to Disney to NASA navigate change and thrive through disruption — and he wants to help you do it too. With his unrivalled energy and humor, Jeremy shows you how to take advantage of crisis and disruption, reaching your full potential and pushing through uncertainty to come out better, faster, and stronger on the other side.


Greg Hoffman

As a global leader in marketing, Nike has run some of the world’s most memorable campaigns — and for years, Greg Hoffman was the man at the forefront. As Nike’s former Chief Marketing Officer, Greg spearheaded their most iconic modern campaigns, working with athletes like LeBron James to tell powerful stories and form strong emotional connections with customers. Greg can teach you how to design and tell stories like Nike does: through leadership, creativity, teamwork, and diversity.


Jason Feifer

Change is inevitable — so it’s up to us to learn how to leverage it. A long-time editor at business magazines like Fast Company, and current editor in chief of Entrepreneur, Jason Feifer is on a first-name basis with the world’s greatest changemakers. He knows that seeing the gain in disruption allows us to adapt faster than anyone else — that’s our competitive advantage. In his fast-paced, energetic talks, Jason gives you the tools you need to harness change and find opportunity in the unexpected.

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