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The Top 5 Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Speakers of 2022

Diverse perspectives in the workplace make your ideas better, your teams stronger, and your company far more successful. Our top diversity, equity, and inclusion speakers don’t just show you how DEI can benefit you—they give you practical strategies for implementing true belonging in the workplace. If you’re looking to leverage the power of diversity, build a more cohesive culture, and create an environment where everyone performs to their full potential, look no further than the speakers below.

Nikole Hannah-Jones

If we want to achieve a truly just future, we need to understand the long history of race relations in our country — and nobody is better equipped to help us than Nikole Hannah-Jones. As the Pulitzer Prize-winning creator of The 1619 Project, a MacArthur Genius, and one of TIME’s 100 Most Influential People in the World, Nikole can show you how race factors into every aspect of our lives, and empower you to take steps towards real equity and flourishing in your workplace and beyond.


Heather McGhee

Racism has a cost for everyone — which means that when we come together and take steps to fight it, we can all prosper together. Heather McGhee, the instant New York Times bestselling author of The Sum of Us, proves that diversity benefits all of us. Whether you want to build stronger teams or develop an inclusive workplace culture, Heather’s accessible talks will show you how to help everyone in your organization come together across racial, social, and cultural divides.


Hua Hsu

Diversity can be amorphous and difficult to define. But New Yorker staff writer and bestselling author Hua Hsu says that’s actually a good thing. Telling complex stories about different communities can help us figure out who we are and open up new worlds of possibility for everyone. Hua’s bestselling memoir Stay True—which turned him into a “literary phenomenon” (New York Times) — touches on the immigrant experience and Asian-Americanness, diversity, grief, and pop culture, among many other themes.


Gabby Rivera

As the first Latina to ever write for Marvel Comics, Gabby Rivera proved that authenticity and joy come from embracing our lived experiences, celebrating our differences, and fighting for a world in which everyone is welcome. She wrote the solo series America about Marvel’s first queer Latina superhero, drawing on her own experiences as a queer Latina writer. Gabby will show you how to empower people of diverse backgrounds to tell their own stories — and open a radical space for creativity.


Laura Huang

People from marginalized communities often face barriers and biases in the workplace. But Laura Huang, Harvard Business School professor and author of Edge, says that we can actually flip these biases around and use them to our advantage — that’s the “edge” that gives us an upper hand. We can use our diverse backgrounds to make a real difference in our workplace culture, at any level. In her practical talks, Laura shows you how to foster an environment where everyone can bring their unique edge to work.

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